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Mcsm cow-a-pult
The Cow-A-Pult
Name Cow-A-Pult
Owner (s) Mabel
Type Redstone Invention
Minecraft N/A

"Make your cows soar through the air with a wide-eyed stare!"
Mabel introducing to Jesse her Cow-a-Pult machine. 

The Cow-A-Pult is one of the inventions in Redstonia. It was created by Mabel to try to earn her the spot of being Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer's  protégé.


  • In "Assembly Required", Jesse can use the machine if he/she chooses to go to Redstonia. If Jesse interacts with Mabel, she introduces Jesse to her Cow-a-Pult invention, which launches Cows kept in a fenced area into the water.


  • Mabel (Owner)
  • Cows


  • If the Old Farmer Man's TNT Cannon is launched, it will obliterate the Cow-A-Pult machine.
    • It will also be disabled if Jesse manage to convince Mabel to pursue higher goals.
  • In the game, Mabel calls the invention "Mabel's Mighty Cowapult."

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