"Well, here it is. The competitors' village. Sort of a 'home away from home' for all the people playing the games. "
—Harper to Jessesrc

The Competitors' Village is a location found in Minecraft: Story Mode.



The village is located in a snow biome next to a hill where The Games take place. Hadrian's Palace could also be seen from there and vice versa.


The village contains mostly houses made of different blocks. There are banners of Tim, who is revealed to be a fake by Hadrian. There is a dormitory, a Nether Portal leading to the quartz mines and a small wheat farm located at the back of a house where Nell's "Secret Stash" is. The village is surrounded by a low stone brick wall topped with diorite.




  • Dormitory
  • Shovel Planet
  • Clutch's Kitchen
  • Block-Fu Dojo
  • #1 Tim Fan Shop
  • Tim's Memorial
  • Lodges
  • Hadrian's Palace (Nearby)


  • There is no Crafting Table in the village until Jesse builds one. Nell mentions that the Old Builders don't allow the Competitors to use crafting tables which means that Jesse technically broke their rules.
  • The Competitors' Village is the only location in Minecraft: Story Mode known to use end rods for lighting.
  • There is a sign located next to Tim's Memorial with the words: "Here lies the platform on which Tim stood to win these great games."
    • If Jesse chooses to inspect it, then, he/she will read the words aloud, then hope he/she will stand there soon.
  • There are multiple posters of Tim near the dormitories.
    • If Jesse examines one of them, he/she will comment that the armor looks sweet, but not as sweet as his/hers.


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