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The Order of the Stone, who represent the classes in Minecraft

Class is an in-game aspect of Minecraft: Story Mode which determines what in-game skill a Minecrafter is good at. 


There are a total of five classes represented in Minecraft: Story Mode.

  • Builder - those who excel at construction and crafting.
  • Warrior - those who excel at combat.
  • Redstonist - those who are adept at using redstone to construct machinery and devices.
  • Griefer - those who excel at pyrotechnics.
  • Mage/Potionologist - those who excel at brewing and enchanting.


  • The New Order of the Stone has two builders - Jesse and LukasAxel as a griefer, Olivia as a redstonist, Ivor as a potionologist, and Petra as the warrior.
  • While the Old Builders were famous for their construction skills, they were also skilled combatists, redstonists, and mages. However, they did not have a Griefer in their group.

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