The Order of the Stone, who represent the classes in Minecraft.

Class is an in-game aspect of Minecraft: Story Mode which states what in-game skill a Minecraftian is good at. 


There are a total of five classes represented in Minecraft: Story Mode.

  • Builder - those who excel at construction and crafting.
  • Warrior - those who excel at combat.
  • Redstonist - those who are adept at using redstone to construct machinery and devices.
  • Griefer - those who excel at pyrotechnics.
  • Mage/Potionologist - those who excel at brewing and enchanting.


  • The New Order of the Stone has two builders - Jesse and LukasAxel as a griefer, Olivia as a redstonist, Ivor as a potionologist, and Petra as the warrior.
  • While the Old Builders were famous for their construction skills, they were also skilled combatists, redstonists, and mages. However, they weren't experts at griefing due to the fact they were builders.

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