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An Example of a Choice offered to the Player on iOS

Choices are an important aspect of Minecraft: Story Mode that allow the Player to decide what his/her character, Jesse will say and what decisions he/she makes during gameplay. The choices you make in the game will affect the story and plot.


Choices are crucial aspects of Minecraft: Story Mode, since what Jesse says and the decisions he/she makes may change the outcome of the game or a certain section of the game. Choices ensure that each Player gets a unique gameplay experience depending on what choices he/she makes.

Some decisions are minor and do not affect gameplay as much, but some decisions can change entire gameplay, even resulting in the death of a character.

The importance and effect of a choice can range from extra dialogue to a whole new section of the game.


The Player usually gets an option of 4 choices, out of which he/she must choose one in a limited time. The time period can vary depending on the situation. Sometimes there may not be a time limit at all, if the decision is very important.

Important Decisions are displayed after the Episode is over, and further can be viewed on Telltale's Official Website.


  • In episode 6 if you don't accuse anyone for being the White Pumpkin, DanTDM will lock himself in the library.
  • In Episode 5, if Jesse takes Aiden with him, Aiden will talk to Jesse. However, if Jesse kicks him off the edge, Aiden will just stare at him in the ground section.
  • In Episode 3, depending on the player's chioce, either Magnus or Ellegaard will die.
  • What a character says can make an impact in further episodes as well.
    • For example, if Jesse is kind to Lukas in Episode 1 and 3, Lukas would say that Jesse was his friend in Episode 4, but if Jesse was rude and mean to him, he would say that they were not really friends.
    • Depending on Jesse's choice of either chicken-sized zombies or zombie-sized chickens in Episode 1, Hadrian and Mevia will be stuck in a world of his/her's choice in Episode 8.
    • In Episode 1, if Jesse chooses to punch Ivor and read about him being in the Order of the Stone. Axel will say "Man! I can't believe you punched a member of the Order of The Stone!" And in Episode 4, Jesse can apologize about punching him.

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