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Choices are an important aspect of Minecraft: Story Mode that allow the Player to decide what his/her character, Jesse, will say and what decisions he/she makes during gameplay. The choices you make in the game will affect the story and plot.


Choices are crucial aspects of Minecraft: Story Mode, since what Jesse says and the decisions he/she makes may change the outcome of the game or a certain section of the game. Choices ensure that each Player gets a unique gameplay experience, depending on what choices he/she makes.

Some decisions are minor and do not affect gameplay as much, but some decisions can change entire gameplay, even resulting in the death of a character.

The importance and effect of a choice can range from extra dialogue to a whole new section of the game.


The Player usually gets an option of 4 choices, out of which he/she must choose one in a limited time. The time period can vary, depending on the situation. Sometimes there may not be a time limit at all, if the decision is very important.

Important decisions are displayed after the Episode is over, and further can be viewed on Telltale's Official Website.


  • In Episode 6, if you don't accuse anyone for being the The White Pumpkin, DanTDM will lock himself in the library.
  • In Episode 5, if Jesse takes Aiden with him/her, Aiden will talk to Jesse. However, if Jesse kicks him off the edge or walks away from him, Aiden will just stare at Jesse in the ground section.
  • In Episode 3, depending on the Player's choice, either Magnus or Ellegaard will die.
  • What a character says can make an impact in further episodes as well.
    • For example, if Jesse is kind to Lukas in Episode 1 and 3, Lukas will say that Jesse is his friend in Episode 4, but if Jesse is rude and mean to him, he will say that they weren't really friends.
    • Depending on Jesse's choice of either chicken-sized zombies or zombie-sized chickens in Episode 1, Hadrian and Mevia will be stuck in a world of his/her choice in Episode 8.
    • In Episode 1, if Jesse chooses to punch Ivor and read about him being in the Order of the Stone, Axel will say "Man! I can't believe you punched a member of the Order of The Stone!" Also, in Episode 4, Jesse can apologize to Ivor about punching him.

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