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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.


A Chicken in Minecraft
Name Chicken
Hostile? No
Drops Feather,
Raw Chicken,
Appearances "The Order of the Stone",
"A Block and a Hard Place",
"Order Up!",
"Access Denied",
"A Journey's End?"
Update Alpha 1.0.14

Chickens are passive mobs found in Minecraft: Story Mode.


  • In "The Order of the Stone", Jesse breaks Sigge's Chicken Machine to distract the Usher at EnderCon. Jesse may also find a chicken looking for Reuben when he/she runs off. He/She also encounters the chickens when trying to escape EnderCon.
  • In "Assembly Required", if Jesse visits Boom Town (determinant), a Griefer will throw an egg at him/her, spawning a baby chicken.
    • Later, when Jesse is throwing eggs at some griefers (determinant), if he/she chooses not to throw the last egg, it will spawn a baby chicken.
    • During the battle at the Death Bowl, a baby chicken spawns when Jesse throws a egg at Magnus.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", while Jesse and Reuben are inside the Wither Storm, they can see withered chickens along with other withered people, and in the beginning of the episode, a baby zombie can be seen riding on a chicken trying to escape the Wither Storm.
  • In "Order Up!", the Eversource is revealed to be a chicken which lays spawn eggs.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", A Painting in the dining room shows a Baby Zombie riding a Chicken before it was replaced with A Painting with The White Pumpkin on it.
  • In "Access Denied", Jesse can see three chickens in Crown Mesa with Mind Control Chips attached to their heads. They appear to peck at the ground in perfect unison.
  • In "A Journey's End?", If Jesse chooses "zombie sized chickens" (determinant) in the beginning of Episode 1, many zombie-sized chickens can be seen in living in a dimension with Hadrian and Mevia, one even attacking Hadrian.


  • The Eversource (Benedict) is the only named chicken in Minecraft: Story Mode.
    • It is also the only chicken known to lay spawn eggs instead of regular eggs.
  • The Usher, Reuben, is revealed to have alektorophobia (fear of chickens).
  • Sometimes in Minecraft, a chicken spawns with a baby zombie or baby zombie pigman riding on it, which is called a Chicken Jockey.


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