"Everyone? Everyone?"
—Captain Sparklez trying to get the YouTubers' attention. src

Captain Sparklez is a main character who appears in Minecraft: Story Mode. He appears in " A Portal to Mystery". He is voiced by Jordan Maron.



Captain Sparklez wears his skin for his actual Minecraft account, with enhanced, 3-D-modeled glasses. He wears a white shirt with a black jacket and black pants with white stripes on either side. He has a beard and red sunglasses, as well as black hair.


Captain Sparklez is portrayed to be a very helpful, honest, and friendly person who wants to help out everyone trapped in the mansion. He is also shown to be a bit paranoid, as he broke down for a good while after TorqueDawg died and dreaded giving the news to the YouTubers.



Killed By:

When Captain Sparklez was addressing the group who were in the dining room, Dan accidentally pressed a button which activated some pistons, which pushed Captain Sparklez into a pit later filled with sand blocks. The trap was built by The White Pumpkin.


"TorqueDawg, you know I don't care if you took it... Just give it back."
—Captain Sparklez to TorqueDawgsrc
"That sea of zombies has us all trapped, so we just need to try our best to get along."
—Captain Sparklez to TorqueDawg after he starts getting angry at Jesse's Gangsrc
"There you go, guys! Teamwork makes the dream work!"
—Captain Sparklez supporting Jesse's suggestion on teamwork. (Determinant) src
"One second I'm in an amazing speech, and the other I'm part of the floor!"
—Captain Sparklez doing the sneak peak of Access Deniedsrc
"I don't wanna say anything mean about a guy that's not here to defend himself but, well, you met him right? 'Prickly' is kind of an understatement."
—Captain Sparklez to Jesse when asked about TorqueDawg. src
"I think I can shed some light on that situation, actually."
—Captain Sparklez to Jesse's Gang. src
"Whoever killed TorqueDawg, whoever invited us... They're after the enchanted flint & steel- AAARGH!"
—Captain Sparklez's final words to everyone before falling into a sand trap. src
"They're the Order of the Stone - Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor!"
—Captain Sparklez introducing Jesse's gang to the YouTubers. (Determinant) src


  • After hearing Captain Sparklez's name, Ivor mistakes him for an actual captain.
  • Captain Sparklez appeared in cameo preview at the end of Episode 6, mentioning the adventures that might happen in "Access Denied".
    • The start of the sneak-peek is a reference on how Captain Sparklez starts his videos.
    • That preview is confirmed to be non-canon.[1]
  • Captain Sparklez possesses a slimeball in his inventory.
    • This is a possible reference to his iconic (and deceased) Minecraft pet Jerry The Slime.
  • In Episode 8 "A Journey's End?", after Jesse loses against Hadrian and Mevia, Jesse can say "As someone once told me... Teamwork makes the dream work." to his/her friends. This is a reminder to Captain Sparklez, who determinately said this in Episode 6.
  • When being asked about TorqueDawg, Captain Sparklez doesn't say anything mean about him, because TorqueDawg can't defend himself.
  • He is the only YouTuber whose death happens regardless.



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