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Capital T
Mcsm ep8 beefy-dude the-walls
Capital T at The Walls
Name Capital T
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation The Games,
Allies Other Gladiators,
Hadrian (formerly),
Mevia (formerly),
Jesse's Gang,
Enemies Hadrian,
Competitors (formerly)
First Appearance "A Journey's End?"
Latest Appearance "A Journey's End?"

Jesse: "You a big fan of Tim?"
Capital T: "Ha-ha-ha!"
Jesse: "Forget I asked."
Jesse talking to Capital T. (Determinant) src

Capital T ​is a gladiator and minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode. ​He first appeared in ​"A Journey's End?".



Capital T wears a set of armor similar to other gladiators, as well as a black Corinthian helmet with cyan mohawk with light brown hair. The face hole on his helmet looks like a "T" shape. He has black eyes.


He seems like a big fan of Tim, but his personality is not explored.


  • Capital T is not given any lines, but he has a voice of laughter when Jesse tries to ask him about the #1 Tim Fan Shop (determinant).
  • The name "Capital T" may have been coined because of the hole in Capital T's helmet.
  • The name, "Capital T," isn't displayed in the game. It was revealed by Eric Stirpe in his Tumblr. (Link)
    • "Beefy Dude" is the only term displayed in the game pointing to him. He does neither introduce himself nor be called by other characters in the episode.
    • Like Capital T, there are several characters who don't have their real names displayed when the cursor is over them, such as Disco Mickey (as Lava Disco Creator), Farmer Gloria (as Auto-Farmer), and the Old Farmer Man (as Old Man), making the displayed names not the solid proof of real names.
  • Capital T, along with Axel, Slab the Immovable, Reuben (Human), Clutch, Facemeat, and Emily are the only named characters in Minecraft: Story Mode to have bigger builds.


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