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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.


A Cake in Minecraft
Name Cake
Owner (s) Witch,
Jesse's Gang (determinant),
Axel (determinant),
Hungry Townsperson (determinant)
Type Food
Minecraft Beta 1.2

"Say what you like about Witches, they sure know how to make a cake."
Gabriel to Olivia. (Determinant) src

A Cake is an edible block that is found in Minecraft: Story Mode.


  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", Jesse has the option to steal a cake from the Witch's Hut. In this case, Jesse and his/her friends won't be hungry, and his/her friends will get appreciate his/her efforts.
  • In "Order Up!", Jesse finds a cake in the Temple of the Old Builders and has the option of giving it to Axel or keeping it for himself/herself. If Jesse keeps the cake, it can be given to the hungry townsperson in Sky City.
    • If the hungry townsperson has the cake, he will eat it all on the spot, then jump off Sky City with another cake.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", a cake can be seen on a dining table inside the Mansion.


  • In regular Minecraft, it is impossible to retrieve a placed cake even you have a silk touch enchantment; however, it is possible to do so in Minecraft: Story Mode.
    • In Minecraft: Story Mode, it is even possible to eat the cake without placing it, as seen in "Order Up!", when Jesse gives a cake to the hungry townsperson in Sky City.
  • In "Order Up!", Jesse will always find a cake inside the Temple of the Old Builders regardless of which chest he/she chooses to open.
  • In "Order Up!", after finding the cake, Jesse can choose to say "Cake is the best! Totally my favorite. Or, uh, top three at least."
    • This confirms that cake is one of Jesse's top three foods.
  • If Jesse chose to steal the cake from the Witch's Hut in "A Block and a Hard Place" (determinant), then when he/she finds the cake in "Order Up!", Axel will say "This reminds me of that time when you got a cake from that witch's hut and I was super jealous of you."
    • It is unknown how Axel knows Jesse stole the cake since he never tagged along to the Far Lands. It's possible that Jesse told him of their adventures, otherwise Axel couldn't have known about the cake.
  • Currently, cake appears in every episode in Minecraft: Story Mode with the exception of "A Journey's End?" where it is only mentioned.
    • In "A Journey's End?", when Jesse gives Facemeat some bread, he will mention that "It's not cake", but eats it anyway because he's hungry. Later, during The Walls, Jesse can choose to shout "Shut your cake hole!" to Hadrian.
  • In Minecraft, there is an achievement called "The Lie" which can be earned by crafting a cake.
    • This is a possible reference to a game called Portal, where the player is continually promised Cake, but never gets any.
  • Jesse (determinant), Axel, Olivia, Stampy Cat, Ivor, Petra (determinant), Gabriel (determinant), and Facemeat all hint that they like cake.
  • If Jesse never gave the cake to anybody, it won't be seen in their inventory in Episode 6.


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