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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.


A loaf of bread in Minecraft
Name Bread
Aliases: Loafage (by Nell)
Owner (s) Jesse,
Type Food
Minecraft Indev

"Boom! Bread. Now I should be able to get my friends back!"
Jesse to himself upon crafting a load of Bread. src

Bread is a food item found in Minecraft: Story Mode.


  • In "A Journey's End?", Jesse crafts a loaf of Bread on a Crafting Table using three pieces of wheat from Nell's secret wheat farm. Later, he/she gives this loaf of Bread to Facemeat in order to free Lukas and Petra/Ivor, (determinant), from the quartz mines.
    • Several loaves of Bread can also be seen in Clutch's Kitchen, but cannot be taken.
      • Clutch says they can't be eaten until lunch time, and tries to force Jesse outta there before she can, "attach the sign to his/her head".


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