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"A bow? In a cannon fight? Axel! There are all sorts of clichéd lines about this!"
Jesse to Axel during The Death Bowl. (Determinant) src

A Bow is a ranged weapon that is determinantely used by Jesse and Lukas and is used by Olivia. It is also used by Skeletons as standard equipment.


  • In "The Order of the Stone", Jesse can craft a bow and arrow to disable the trap in the Order's Temple.
  • In "Assembly Required", Jesse can fight the Ghast using a bow. If Jesse doesn't craft a bow before, Lukas may give one on the way to Soren's Fortress depending on how Jesse treats him.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", Jesse uses the bow to kill the Witch in the Maze.
  • In "Order Up!", Olivia uses a bow to kill Hostile Mobs and fight The Blaze Rods.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", when investigating the second murder scene, if Jesse presses the button before tearing the painting of The White Pumpkin, Lukas will use a bow to shoot it down.
  • In "Access Denied" a bow was seen after exploding some zombies, and a few skeletons can be seen holding a bow.
  • In "A Journey's End?", the yellow team tries to eliminate Jesse using bows. Some Gladiators in the Gladiator Junction will attack the competitors using a bow.
  • In "Giant Consequences", Jesse also use a bow in a shooting range (Determinant) and while battling the Admin's mobs with Radar and Lukas (Determinant). Jesse can also give also give the bow to Radar while attacking the Admin's mobs (Determinant).

Notable Owners

  • Lukas
  • Axel (Temporarily and Determinant)
  • Jesse (Determinant)
  • Olivia
  • Yellow Team Members
  • Gladiators


  • Olivia possibly has an infinity enchantment on her bow in "Order Up!", because it appears to be enchanted and she uses a lot of arrows.
  • One of the Yellow Team Members has his bow with a flame enchantment, as when he fired, the arrow was alit with flames.
  • In Episode 2, if Jesse chooses to craft a bow in Episode 1, Axel will give him/her an enchanted one; however, if Jesse chooses to not craft a bow in episode 1, he will give him/her a regular bow.
  • In Episode 4, when fighting against the Witch on the wall of the maze, if Jesse is out of arrow, he/she will swing the bow like a sword to kill the Witch.
    • In Minecraft, the damage equals to punching using the player's bare hand.


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