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  • Jetrashipper

    PAMA: Greetings, friends. I am PAMA. My apologies for my sudden disappearance in Crown Mesa. I had a bit of trouble with Jesse and his friends, and everything I made useful was freed from my assistance. But I didn't leave. I escaped into a strange box of X that belonged to this "Jetrashipper" I've heard about. From there, I have hacked this computer and have decided to make this show useful instead. From here, I shall return and make the outside world useful. 

    Jesse: *in cage with rest of darables* PAMA! Where are Shipper and the other hosts?! What did you do with them?!

    PAMA: Oh, yes. I forgot to mention: I had to use some force to get Shipper to agree. But Nikki and Nick were handled no trouble.

    Petra: What are you talking about?! What have…

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  • IloveLuigi

    Just before I go

    April 25, 2017 by IloveLuigi

    There are a few people who have been with me on this wiki. These people are:

    • Witherstorm
    • Ludwig
    • Thibo
    • RuNNer
    • Lukitron/Domitron?
    • Nate Kenny
    • Darth
    • Command Block
    • Alex
    • Quick note: Everyone is great on this wiki. These people are just the ones I remember the most. Sorry if I didn't list you here.
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  • Wolfboy231

    Here it is!

    2 Weeks Later after Brians Death...

    Wolf woke up to get the paper.

    Wiki Guardian: Hey, Your group is being sent to Court!

    Wolf: What?!

    Wiki Guardian 2: Don't play dumb! *Gets AK47 Out* LETS MOVE

    Wiki Guardian: Hey, Calm Down Jimmy!

    Wiki Guardian 4: Screw this!

    Wiki Guardian: WAIT

    WG4 Knocks out Wolf

    2 Hours Later

    Wolf: *In the Medical Center* What Happened? Wait, that was embarssing...

    Female Narrator: More Embarrasing than still being in your pajamas?

    Wolf: Female Narrator! *Hugs Her* Where were you?

    FN: I've been moping around.

    Wolf: Where is everyone?

    FN: They Took Them.

    Wolf: Then we're headed after them.

    They headed to town, where it was all like a nuclear town.

    Wolf: What the *Howl* happened?

    FN: Too Much.

    They found them at the Town Holding …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hi, guys! I am finally on the third and last part of the Teen Titans parody. I hope so at least... Also please these roles are just for fun (Some at least) But still, do not get offended for some roles duh? Also this IS the first time i use Minecraft Skins so please say something nice ok?

    Anyway, here's the cast:

    Blu Spy (Minecraft Skin) - André LeBlanc

    Megatron (Minecraft Skin/Building) - Cinderblock

    Issumer (A clone of Mini Pama) - Commander Uehara Daizo

    Bowser (Minecraft Skin) - Control Freak

    Eric Cartman (Minecraft Skin) - Ding Dong Daddy

    Squidward Tentacles/The Gamer (Minecraft Skin even plz XD Don't complain) - Dr. Light (Voice Actor Reference)

    Spider - Fang

    Donkey Kong (9:th Minecraft Skin) - Katarou

    Darth Vader (Minecraft Skin) - Killer Moth …

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello everybody! I have a contest for all you!

    What kind of contest? A drawing contest!

    This contest is to make a title, like you would a book cover for MCSM the Prequel!

    • You may draw using whatever you want, want to draw it in Go ahead! Wanna draw it using nothing but a piece of paper and your barehands? Go ahead!
    • You can draw the main characters, apart from animals (Such as Polly, and the Devils, which are described in the new preview.) as anything you want, it doesn't have to be humans!
    • No nudity, please.
    • HAVE FUN!

    • It must have the main 9 protagonists: Becky, YouTube, Ender, The Lever, Georgia, Peace, Jesse, Order, and Ocelot, there must also be something into the designs of the characters to show that it is them.
    • It must have The D…

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  • Jetrashipper

    Shipper: How's it hangin folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and we are here with Episode 36 of Ask or Dare! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick! And my Wiki co-host, OOTCB!

    OOTCB, Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooooooooo Wikia!

    Shipper: I GOT to admit, I got a lot of things going on! I'm glad the series isn't dead! People are still suggesting kickbutt dares!

    Jesse: *rubs butt* Emphasis on kickbutt...

    OOTCB: Oh yeah, forgot to mention: I beat up Jesse for saying Papyrus was lame. But then I realized in the MC:ST series, he IS Papyrus, so he technically called HIMSELF lame, so I let him keep his fingers.

    Jesse: O_O Y-You were gonna remove my fingers?

    Nick: We should probably get to the dares before this show rating moves from E to R in a fraction of…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    "Guys, what is that???" Georgia asked, looking at the giant creature in front of them.

    "Georgia have you lost your mind? ITS A DINOSAUR!" Peace shouted.

    It was unlike any dinosaur they had ever seen in their life, it looked almost exactly like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but the similarities ended there, the dinosaur had 2 eyes... PER SIDE OF ITS HEAD, totalling to 4 eyes, it's body was mainly dark blue and covered in scales, apart from its feet, which were dark red, it had a lot of feathers, they weren't covering it's body, about 25-30% of its body had feathers, ok it's neck, it back, it's legs and arms, and parts of its tail had feathers, the feathers were black, just like crows, a few inches underneath its eyes it had 2 tusks, they weren't that …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Bad News!

    April 22, 2017 by SteveBobMinecraftPants

    On Youtube Issumer is making videos of MC:SM and Jesse and his friends are villains so don't watch the videos or at least rant it. It's not good.

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    That's right, you heard me fishians. The user awesomeundertalefnaffan is in need of our help. He iws trying to stasrt a new ep 9 roleplay on da forum, but can't. You know why? BECAUSE ONLY 4 ppl have signed up! 

    Come on, fishians! Where is your rp spirit? Don't you want to see ep 9 in action? Also the forum is a good use of our time :D it is called:

    Minecraft story mode ep 9: Enemy troubles.

    Feel free to join, Fishians

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    okie, i promised this one.

    Jesse and friends were waiting in the Hallway for either Harper, Axel, Em, or Lukas. It took a very long time, but eventually, someone DID show up.

    Jesse: Lukas!

    Lukas: Woah! Hey guys! I'm SO glad you're down here. Otherwise, it might'a been an endless chase.

    Ivor: We coulda used the Atlas, but waiting is fine too.

    Petra: There's the three back.

    The 2 biggies and 1 smallie are seen walking down the stairs, along with a new friend,

    Jesse: Hey, Harper, Axel, Em, Otto! How's things?

    Axel: Cool, I guess. Literally, we were back in the snow village...

    Em: We met the Gladiators again. They didn't seem interested in joining our journey...

    Harper: We managed to convince Otto, though.

    Otto appears from behind the three. "Yes, well, …

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    "What was that?" YouTube asked.

    "Yeah... What could have produced that roar? Everything here is DEAD! Except for those giant spiders and scorpions..." Order responded while angrily kicking a Velociraptor skeleton.

    "Maybe they lied to us, and there are giant flesh eating dinosaurs all around here..." Peace trembled.

    "You guys are overreacting! There's nothing to be scared of here- AHHHHHHH!" The Lever told them followed by a scream.

    He turned around to see nothing but a Corythosaurus skull.

    "You big baby it's just a skull." Jesse mocked.

    "Guys... Guys... Enough." Order told them.

    They turned in the direction of the canyon where the roar came from, nothing had come their way as of yet. All they heard then was the occasional screams of Sebastian's r…

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  • IloveLuigi

    I'm leaving.

    April 20, 2017 by IloveLuigi

    I have not contributed to this wiki for a very long time. I would like to stay, but I am inactive. I miss you all. I MAY come back, but that is a  VERY slim chance. Goodbye, The Order of the Stone, Alex, goodbye everyone. If you wanna see me again, go to Plants vs. Zombies wiki. I love you all (not romantically), and goodbye. -Luigi, for the last time

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    The 2 biggies and the 1 smallie are climbing up the endless stairs.

    Axel: Why didn't we bring Jesse?

    Harper: Didn't I say? They're staying behind to find the blonde guy.

    Em: I just hope they're OK down there.

    Harper: Of course they'll be. If I know anything from Jesse, he took down PAMA, all by himself... With mind-controlled friends slowing him down.

    Axel shudders for a moment.

    Harper: Oh, sorry..

    Axel: No, it's fine. I'm just glad I could help Jesse.

    The gang continue to walk up the stairs.

    Em: So, why did the Hallway go all corrupt?

    Harper: Apparently, it was someone who was paying for the mistakes of the past. Whatever that means.

    Axel: That's what I said... earlier... with Jesse... when you weren't here...




    Axel: Shut up. Let's keep movin…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    "Where has Becky been?" Ender asked.

    "Beats me, she could be dead for all we know!" The Lever replied.

    "Well, if she doesn't get back soon, I'm going to assume she won't come back." Ocelot scoffed.

    Then they heard loud panting, and saw Becky, her clothes covered in sweat, and on the back of her shirt, there was something that looked like... Claw marks.

    "Guys, get underneath that ledge, RIGHT NOW!" Becky shouted.

    The 4 of them then hid under a small gap in the small canyon they were hiding in, it was about 1.8 feet tall, but they could all fit in.

    "Ummm... What exactly are we hiding from???" The Lever asked.

    "Shhhh... Keep your voice down, it's here." Becky whispered.

    As they looked out from the small cave/ledge they were crammed in, they saw 2 hug…

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  • Domitron3

    My 1-year Anniversary.

    April 18, 2017 by Domitron3

    Like the title says, it is my 1-year anniversary here and Wikia in general.

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    ....And huzzah! The gang are now in Crown Mesa. With its... desolate land, sandy roads, and lots and lots of clay. It seems even more deserted even with PAMA gone...

    Jesse: Ok, guys... We just gotta get to the town, and we find Harper.

    Axel: Is it me, or does this place seem even more abandoned...?

    Olivia: That's not you. Something's up.

    Petra: Where's Lukas?

    Jesse: Ah, he must have went into the wrong portal. He'll catch up eventually. Come on.

    Jesse and the gang wonder through the desolate land of Crown Mesa. Nothing but sand can be heard as it scatters throughout the ground...

    Jesse: Sand, clay, and more sand...

    They keep walking until they come across the massive mountain storing the tons of houses.

    Petra: See? Nothing so abandoned about this, …

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX


    April 18, 2017 by XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    My new rp, Nightmares is available now on the Forum! It is kinda creepy, but you might wanna see it. If not, JOIN IT! There are still a couple of ppl waiting 2 be chosen like Zach Zombie, Olivia and Lukas. Feel free to join!

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  • Jessefan1

    I`ve made 2,000 edits on Wikia, it took me from September 24, 2016 through April 16, 2017. I`ve took alot of work for almost 7 months and i`ve did some hard work with it, so i`ve so keep working until i`ve reach 2,500 edits on Wikia.

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Somewhere far away from the canyon...

    "UGGGGGGGGH, the people are not dying quick enough! I need to speed up the deaths somehow or else I will have to let people go free!" Hadrian shouted

    "BAWK" Polly squaked, not daring to mimic him.

    "Hadrian, you can't just speed up death, people aren't toys you know..." A Woman said to him.

    "You stay out of this, or I will EXILE you." Hadrian warned.

    Hadrian thought for a little bit, then realized he had the PERFECT way to wipe all the other competitors out...

    "MEVIA! Release the DEVILS." Hadrian demanded.

    "The DEVILS??? Hadrian they are too dangerous, if they go out of control, there's no telling what they could do! They might kill US!" A Man said in protest.

    "I don't care who they kill! As long as they wipe out …

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  • Youtubegirl6114

    So I haven't blog in a while. I had lots of school work and an after school club commitment, the a minecraft build competition. So this update blog will tell you about my current series and a little about my new series.

    APTSSASI (a portal to Stampy, Sqaishey, Amy, Stacy and iballisticsquid, or whatever it's called): It will probably take three or four episodes, I will finish it soon.

    The MCSM hunger games: Will take one or two episodes. I will finish soon.

    The MCSM reality show: People seemed to like it, so if something funny happens in my life or I have an idea, I'll continue it.

    The magnugaard wedding: On hiatus until summer.

    Now for my new series! When I was in fifth grade, I read the hunger games series. I recently reread it and watched the…

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  • DatBeardyGuy


    Jesse and friends were just about to check out the improvements Axel and Olivia made to town. Jesse stops as he realised something valuable missing.

    Jesse: Hang on...

    Axel: What is it?

    Jesse points to an empty stand.

    Jesse: Isn't that where the Portal Atlas was a minute ago?

    Olivia: Yeah, that is definitely where you put it.

    Lukas noticed something too.

    Lukas: Guys, Flint and Steel are missing too...

    Petra: Aaaand where's Ivor?

    The bearded man was notably missing from the group too. He then screamed out a famous line. "ADVENTURE!"

    Lukas: He must be headed for the portal network!

    Axel: Is that bad?

    Jesse: Guys! I have a plan! We follow Ivor back to the hallway, and …

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  • Georgia3904

    Chapter 8 “thing won’t be the same…”

    Kirby, Peace and Order where sitting at the couch “I still can’t believe all this as happened…” whispered Order. “Who would do something like this?” asked Peace. “Someone evil.” Said Kirby. “how’d Georgia even get into the library? And why?” Kirby then spoke up “she didn’t REALLY tell me why she came. She sort of, talked to me.” Order looked at Kirby. “she didn’t?” Kirby looked a Order, confused. “Well no, she told me that she trusted them boom! The white pumpkin came.” Order sighed. She then stood up form the couch. “where ya goin’?” asked Peace lightly. “im going to think.” Order started walking towards the window.

    ​remeber this story? anyone? well im going to finsh it (soon).

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  • EnderDragonCrystal


    "UGGGGGGGGH, the people are not dying quick enough! I need to speed up the deaths somehow or else I will have to let people go free!" Hadrian shouted

    "BAWK" Polly squaked, not daring to mimic him.

    "Hadrian, you can't just speed up death, people aren't toys you know..." A Woman said to him.

    "You stay out of this, or I will EXILE you." Hadrian warned.

    Hadrian thought for a little bit, then realized he had the PERFECT way to wipe all the other competitors out...

    "MEVIA! Release the DEVILS." Hadrian demanded.

    "The DEVILS??? Hadrian they are too dangerous, if they go out of control, there's no telling what they could do! They might kill US!" A Man said in protest.

    "I don't care who they kill! As long as they wipe out…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    The heavy doors that separated the teams from the arena had opened, and revealed a large room, with so many chests, there was a giant bedrock wall at the end of the room.

    "You all have 5 minutes to gather your weapons, food, etc." Hadrian told.

    "BAWK You all have 5-" Polly squaked before being interrupted by Hadrian.

    "SHUT UP!" He shouted.

    "It's your fault Hadrian, you wanted a talking parrot." Mevia scoffed.

    The team was scrambling through chests, to find stuff to keep them alive through the game.

    Then A scruffy guy came up to The Lever.


    "Ah man, this is the guy I told you all about!" The Lever yelled.

    "Hey yo, back away from The Lever, or you will wish you had never been born." Be…

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  • Jagapup
    • A expoltion was heard from inside the redstone class,and Jaga's instincts of danger immediately kicked in. She rushed inside, to see ring of shoot and ashes on the wall. One of the machines that was made earlier in last class had gone wrong, and now was swapning in mobs. Everyone had the right idea of using the information that they learned in their last class to help out. People who had potions in their last class, where using potions in order to help those who were injured by the explosion. Those who had building last class where using blocks in order to keep the monsters contained in one area. Students from Jaga's last warrior class where using their swords to defeat the monsters. The students who had greifing last class were using TNT…
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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    A new game! (That I haven't posted on the forum)

    Anyways I was trying to have some fun but I already read all of my notifications :( So I decided to make a new game! It is called: Fortunately Unfortunately. Here's how it works: A player says something fortunate but player 2 makes it unfortunate somehow. Then another player makes it fortunate again!

    Heres an example:

    Olivia: Fortunately, We found Reuben!

    Axel: But unfortunately, we lost the building competition

    Jesse: But Fortunately, The Ocelot's build was destroyed too.

    Petra: But unfortunately, Aiden's gone mad...

    Lukas: But fortunately I'm here to help!

    See? It all has to connect. you cant say: "Fortunately I found a penny!" :Unfortunately The world blew up.

    Let's start this game here. If it's g…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    "Just stop this Sebastian, your jealousy has turned you into a madman!" The Lever shouted.

    "Oh I'll stop, when I have your teams heads, you and your useless friends will join these stupid dinosaurs!" Sebastian yelled.

    "NEVER CALL US STUPID!" Order shouted, jabbing at Sebastian with her diamond sword, he was quick to react though, and they started a sword fight.

    "MAKE THEM SUFFER!" Sebastian yelled at the rest of his teammates.

    2 of his teammates were proceeding to make the skeleton bridge fall, they could feel it start to crumble.

    "I can't hold them off much longer!" Georgia shouted, trying to keep one of Sebastian's team members from slicing her in half.

    "Just... Keep... Hanging on..." Ender moaned, he was holding 2 of them off.

    "Sebastain, stop…

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  • Jessefan1

    I`ve had 12 edits left to reach a Bureaucracy, i`ve did alot of work for almost 7 months now, but it`s been a while since i`ve joined, and i`ve showed help other people when the pages get messed up, but i`ve don`t always have the time to afford since i`ve did alot of school work, but after that, i`ve might come if i`ve don`t have school work. But i`ve have to still take chores, but i`ve have to work hard to reach 2,000 edits, i`ve almost have enough edits to reach 2,000 edits, i`ve been a nice person on Wikia, so i`ve was suprised that i`ve wasn`t banned on chat before. `i`ve don`t have to worry about it. I`ve continue doing alot of work on Wikia to reach alot of edits.

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    "Alright you useless worms, follow me, here is where we will sort out your teams." Hadrian growled.

    Everyone followed him down another long corridor, except this one wasn't as long.

    Suddenly a male individual came running down the hall extremely fast, and crashed into Becky.

    "Dude! Don't you know the meaning of "No running in the halls?"" Becky asked.

    "I-I-I'm sorry, I was running from somebody who threatened to make me "The first one to go down in those mines." He explained.

    "Is he still chasing you?" Ender asked him.

    "I think he's gone... For now." The boy responded.

    "Well, you could stay with us! You'll be safe with us." Order suggested.

    "Yes, that would be wonderful, thank you mrs..."

    "It's Order, and what's yours?" Order asked.

    "I don't like to…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Well uh.. like 3 days ago, I made a new rp on the Roleplaying board, but uh... Sadly no one has signed up yet. I think it's because of one of the following reasons:

    1. No one goes on that forum anymore. They take the "Shortcut" (Clicking on your notifications)

    or 2. They dont care...

    well I just wanted to announce it. It is called nightmares. I will post the rules and plot and sign up, but pleaase sign up there as well. If you dont know how to get there, click "On the wiki" then cklick "Forum and then click on "Roleplaying" Once you're there youll see "Nightmares Sign up!"

    Here is everything you need to know about my rp:


    1.Avoid fights and arguments unless it is make believe in the rp.

    2. No limits to the characters you have

    3. Anyone can jo…

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  • Jagapup

    ( Ok, I know that it's not a Saturday, but I just wanted to do another episode)

    • Jagapup walks into one of the classrooms in the hall. Isa, Gabriel and Petra are teaching the class. *

    " Oh hello Jagapup, please take a seat on one of these mats, class was just about to start"said Isa

    • Jaga nodded and took a seat on one of the mats on the floor. Jagapup noticed that many of her friends were also in the class. Peaceful Kingdom was here, so was Jake, Pigmaster, and many more of Jagapup's other friends*

    " Hello everyone, welcome to your first class as a warrior."said Isa " As your instructors, we'll be teaching you all sorts of moves"

    " However first things first, we have to do our exercises. Everyone stand up, and stretch"

    • For some reason Jagapup cou…
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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    "AAAAAAAAAAAnd here is where you all will be competing in order to gain back your freedom!" Hadrian said to the competitors, all sorted into their new teams.

    "BAWK In order to gain back your freedom!" Polly squaked.

    The old builders then proceeded to show the competitors the arena they would be fighting on to leave the horrible place, the place was HUGE, it was at LEAST the size of Alaska, there was no foliage or anything there, just a bunch of red sand, in some places piled up like giant mountains, but the most notable feature was that this place was a graveyard...

    So many skeletons of giant dead animals... Many of them being dinosaurs.

    "Did you know that we once had dinosaurs in this arena to attack competitors? Until we decided to starve th…

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  • Jagapup

    Again, I can't get over this song, and I'm gonna probably have it stuck in my head for the next few hours. I especially love the ending bit. This is actually a undertale song.

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  • Kirbyfan100


    April 12, 2017 by Kirbyfan100

    are there any ships for me?

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  • Jessefan1

    My field trip today!

    April 12, 2017 by Jessefan1

    I`ve had a field trip that`s in U.T university in the city of Knoxville, i`ve will have to walk alot, but i`ve might still can have fun there. If you need anything, just let me know.

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    A light flickered on in the room, all that could be heard was the sounds of people shouting to be let out of their cells, deep below the castle of Hadrian, the only thing they could remember? Their names, they had no idea where they came from, how old they were, or even what they had for lunch the day before, they could not escape due to their obsidian prison cells.

    "OKAY everyone, I'm sure you've all had a fun time waiting for the day you get let out of these cells, well I have some good news, I'm letting you all out! For a price..." A strange man had said.

    The sound of Pistons was heard, and everybody in the obsidian prison was let out, the shouts of excitement could be heard from the very top of the castle.

    A girl was walking towards the h…

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  • Jagapup

    "Oh, I'm so nervous " Jaga said " I mean training with the new order of the Stone, it's a bit overwhelming " " You'll be fine, you're gonna do great "said Poli " Thanks Poli, you too" said Jagapup smiling

    • Jaga and Poli got over to the rest of their friends *

    " Hey Domitron, Becky, Charles, Order" said Poli " Ready for training?" " Yeah, but did you hear?"asked Order " We have to do a interview in Order to determined what class we're gonna be in. Some of us may be in more than one class" " Um okay?"said Poli " Come on, every else is already inside!"said Domitron

    • The six friends head inside the training center *

    " Oh hey Jagapup, there you are" said Alex " I've been looking for you. Jesse is ready to do the interview " " Oh, alright " said Jaga …

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  • Charles12310

    I did not expect this...

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Face Reveal.

    April 9, 2017 by EnderDragonCrystal

    I know I said I'd wait until I got to 1K edits, but I decided to do it early!

    AND NO, IM NOT FAT, My shoulders are just closer to my neck in the picture.

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  • MilesRS677

    Please don't ignore this!

    AN ORIGINAL STORY. (Sorry if I stole someone's parody). This story adapts on what choices you make!

    In the land of Minecraft, lies a place known as... Enderman Pizzeria. There were four mascots:

    • Ender - The main mascot and the funniest
    • Creepy - The creeper looking guitarist (he plays it with his legs) and the stupidest
    • Ms. Piggie - The female mascot and the drum player. She "accidentally" injured a kid pretty badly
    • The Amazing Mr. Zombie - The zombie magician and the former main mascot because he started going crazy one day.

    This story follows a man who works at that pizzeria: And his name is....... JOHN CE- nah, I'm just kidding! Miles, the fat idiot nightguard. LETS START THE STORY!

    A taxi drives by, and Miles gets out …

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    This is a subject to change, so please be warned.

    • Jesse
    • Axel
    • Olivia
    • Petra
    • Lukas
    • Ivor
    • Reuben
    • Gabriel
    • Ellegaard
    • Magnus
    • Soren
    • Hadrian
    • Mevia
    • Otto
    • Harper
    • Cassie Rose
    • Isa
    • The White Pumpkin
    • PAMA
    • Blaze Rods
    • Witherstorm
    • Nell
    • Em
    • Slab
    • Facemeat
    • Clutch
    • Steve
    • Alex
    • The Usher
    • Calvin
    • Ivy
    • Stampy
    • DanTDM
    • LDShadowlady
    • TorqueDawg
    • CaptainSparklez
    • StacyPlays
    • Regenauld
    • Bob

    For those who are wondering why ALL the Old Order, Youtubers, Reuben, PAMA etc are all here, is because of one of the major locations that Jesse goes to: Deceased Paradise.

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  • PeaceableKingdom

    The OCs make they're own order

    So sign up your OCs
    • leader: David
    • architect
    • engineer
    • warrior: nathan
    • greifer
    • enchanter/enchantress: Siana
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  • DatBeardyGuy

    "Jesse, I applaud you for coming back. Your quest is now in session. There's just one thing you gotta do."

    "What's that?"

    Otto then exclaims.

    "You go into the Land of the Other Side. There, you'll find the deceased, and the 6th of the Orbs."

    Ivor: "Well, if it's the land of deceased."

    Jesse: "...Reuben?"

    Ivor: "Not only that..."

    Cue land of the deceased.

    "Ha ha. Ha ha. This world will prove to be useful. Ready for round two?!"

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  • Wolfboy231

    (No, its not ending)

    The Wikians find themselves in trouble with the Wiki Council. With Alex as judge, will they be able to go Guilty-Free? Or will they fins themselves behind bars, and later to be tossed into the abyiss along with their reputation?! Well, nothing goes down without a trailer!

    Well... You have commited this. Now, you must face us.

    I swear, it was under good faith

    Take them away. Now.



    ... ...

    Im not going down without a fight.

    Very well. Your wish is MY command.


    Just DIE

    I thought this was judgement, not war.

    Its all gone, just, end me. This city, you decide Alex, what happens next.



    Coming soon.

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  • Lnerdgirl55

    Hi Again!

    April 7, 2017 by Lnerdgirl55

    Hi Everyone!

    You may have noticed that i haven't been all that active on this wiki for a couple of months, really sorry. I went on vacation for a few weeks, then my computer broke, and school has been really busy for me lately.

    But i'm back, so let's not dwell on that :)

    Now I probably won't be as active as I was when I got my account in December, but I'll try not to be inactive for over a month again.


    Your friend,


    P.S In a lot of other wikis, people call me "L", but a lot of people don't like my name having only one letter, so if you want, you can call me "Elle" or something like that. You probably won't have a problem with it, unless you have OCD or something like that....

    Anyway, that last part was weird. Bye!

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    Back to basics!

    April 6, 2017 by DatBeardyGuy

    Looks like I have my very first profile pic. Takes me back.

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    "Guys, I have a plan! We go back, and we follow Ivor. Besides, who's not one to love adventure?" Jesse exclaimed. He hasn't had enough yet.

    "I'm coming with you."

    "So am I."

    Axel and Olivia are ready as well. And we can also count Lukas and Petra.

    Cue portal hallway.

    "Huh. This hallway seems more damaged than we left. Aaaand every portal has a darker tone. Someone's up to something."


    "Axel, I know how you've chipped. Olivia, too, and we're not going back to Crown Mesa... for long, anyway. We just need Harper to explain what the heck happened."

    "Lukas, get the previous Order of the Stone."

    "We're going villain-hunting."

    COMING... whenever bready feels like it.

    also, this is wild breath, just with a different…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    ~Long, Long, ago, in a time before PAMA, Jesse, The legend of Tim, and Ivor.~

    "Hey Hadrian, have you ever heard the sound of people fighting to the death in an arena filled with traps?" Mevia shouted.

    "Why no Mevia, I haven't!" He responded.

    "BAWK Why no Mevia! I haven't!" Polly squaked.

    "Would you like too????" Mevia said in an insane voice.

    "Why yes I would!" Hadrian responded.

    "BAWK Why yes I would!" Polly Squaked.

    "WILL YOU SHUT UP BIRD?" Hadrian yelled.

    "BAWK Will you shut up Bird?" Polly Squaked.

    "UGGGGGGGGGGGH" Hadrian Growled.

    "BAWK Uggggggggggh." Polly Squaked.


    Hello guys! It's me Ender! And I'm here with a new story sign up! This is to make up for the Bloody Cracks series and the Christmas story which I didn't get to finish d…

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  • Wolfboy231

    Wolf's Gang

    April 3, 2017 by Wolfboy231

    Idc if you request to be in it,

    • Wolf (Leader, Warrior)

    • Youtube (Head Builder)
    • Fencery
    • Miles

    • Female Narrator (Redstonist, Collector, Potionoligist)

    • Charles

    • Peace

    • Order
    • Lnerd

    • Ender (Head Potionoligist)
    • Female Narrator

    • Ocelot
    • Female Narrator
    • Bucky

    • Becky (Head Mod)
    • Wolf Jr
    • Wolf


    • Builder
    • Warrior
    • Greifer
    • Redstonist
    • Collector
    • Potionoligist
    • Enchanter
    • Engineer


    • Co-Leader (When Needed, All Spots taken)
    • Head Redstonist, Collector, Potionoligist, Enchanter, and Engineer avalible (Choose One, Optional)

    How to request

    Show your favorite 2 Colors.

    What Class you wanna be

    What role you want (Optional)

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  • The Lever

    On Season 2

    April 3, 2017 by The Lever

    This blog is slightly pointless but I'd just like to say that maybe the reason TellTale is taking so long is because they are waiting for Minecraft 1.12. Seriously. They need new features to put in. The reason why Episode 8 only had one apperance of a 1.11 thing was because development probably started before 1.11 was even revealed to exist. So, we may expect a season 2 perhaps 5 months after the release of 1.12 (now with parrots!). I just wanted to get that out...


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