• Order of the Female Jesse

    How did you get into Stella's treasure room and retrieve Petra's sword? I chose to sneak.

    "I chose to sneak-in."

    When Petra was nervous to meet her hero, how'd you tell her to act? I chose to tell Petra to be herself.

    "The best thing to do around, is to be yourself Petra."

    Did you think Radar was up to the task of temporarily running Beacontown? I chose to leave Radar in charge.

    "Try not to explode..."

    Which Structure Block did you think would be most helpful against the Heckmouth? I chose the Arrow Tower.

    "Tower Defence. Get it?"

    Did you assist Jack with his Prismarine foes or help Petra save her beloved sword? I helped Petra.

    "Petra my best friend."



    Hero in Residence

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Wikipedia

    Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 1…

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  • Becky MCPE

    Part 4: Poison

    October 18, 2018 by Becky MCPE

    Btw, NO I WILL NOT BE ADDING THE GREAT FAIRIES!!!! I'm all about creepy, and pushing the kid-friendly rating to it's absolute limit, but that oversteps even my boundaries, plus describing their appearances in vivid detail would get me banned in a heartbeat :P, also don't look up what they look like, for your sake.

    Okay done with my daily rant.

    I looked at the mask. It had pupil-less, (that even a word?) yellow eyes drooping downward, as if it looked sad. It had 3 leaves on the top of it's head. It had a short snout like I did as a Deku Scrub. It's wooden texture felt rough on my fingers.

    "You want to try it on now?" Tatl said. I shook my head, "Not right now, I want to be human for a little longer." I said (WN: The transformation masks are…

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  • JesseFan300

    Lane: Uhhhhhh-

    Time God: Wait I need my prisoner to watch us

    Jesse gets teleported there out of no where*

    Steve: Oh Hey Jesse

    Jesse: Hey! 

    Petra: Jesse!

    Jesse: Where is Gavin

    Ivor: Oh you mean that other dude yeah heeeee uh lets just say blah blah blah wither storm blah blah blah time travel

    Jesse: okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..........................


    Lane: Uhhhhhhhh

    A microphone drops infront of his face*

    Lane: Ummmmm Ahem ok here go-

    Lane tries to grab the microphone but his hand goes through it*

    Lane: huh

    Lukas: uh did anyone else just see his han-

    Steve: His hand went through it?

    Jesse: Did that..... really just......... happen....... how

    Lane: hold on a second

    Lane remembers hearing the dark rooms were all illusions*

    Lane: This isnt real


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  • Becky MCPE

    Fair warning, this part is a little more darker, and the feels are strong in this one, brace yourself, if you cry during sad scenes in movies (not judging you at all, so do I, I cried like a baby watching "My Girl") make sure you're alone when reading this. Or who knows it might not be all that sad.

    I opened my eyes. We were in front of the Clock Tower. It was daytime, the town was busy like it was when we had first arrived. I gasped. Everything was back to normal. I looked up at the sky and the moon was far away, still slowly drawing closer, but it would be about 3 days before it reached the ground.

    "What just happened? Everything has... started over..." Tatl said, turning to look at me. "What was that, anyway? The song. The instrument..."


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  • Becky MCPE

    Part 2: 72 Hours

    October 16, 2018 by Becky MCPE

    Hollu, peoples, before reading this, make sure you read the last one... or don't I'm not your mom.

    Let's get started, potatoes.

    You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" The man said.

    Tatl hid behind me. I don't blame her. He just gave off a vibe that he was completely broken on the inside.

    The man laughed, "I am the Happy Mask Salesman, I am a simple collecter of rare and interesting masks, all over the world. Don't think me of rude, but I have been following you. Yes, you seem like a young hero who could help me, and in return I will help you with you're... situation." That caught my attention.

    "Oho! Now you're interested! Once you recieve the precious item stolen from you, I will return you back to normal. All I ask is that you return t…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Ok, sigh! Finally! I male Part Four too and last time all five heroes was gonna do their job until they hear somebody said Finally!)

    Fat Hating Guy: >:( You thought i did not heard what ya said? Oh i didn't.... OF COURSE I DID! I did hear that you five try to stop me! Nope and nope not!

    All five heroes: AAAAH!

    • Fat Hating Guy attacks all five and now he won and now he carry all five to some grey house thing where he throw all five and he tie all up in chairs just like what they wanna*

    Fat Hating Guy: There! Now do not try to stop me, this very first time a villain wins for real! And so, really i will take over this country! Do not try stopping me! FOOLS! HAHAHAHA!

    • He closes door and then stops the key in mouth so he swallows that*

    Fat Hating Guy…

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  • JesseFan300


    Steve: Beacon town its destoryed

    Lluna: This is a rift Ima touch it


    • everything goes into slow motion*


    Steve: Wwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaatttttttt iiiiiiisssss happennnnnnniiiiiinnnnng

    Petra: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ivor: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof

    Lukas: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood mmmmmmmmooooooorrrrreeee aaaadeventure nooooooo bbbbbbrakkkkkkkkeeeeees

    • everything goes normal*

    Lane: We just time travelled!

    Steve: OMG there are Jesse's Parents!

    Gavin: Ginger Haired default Alex and-

    Lluna: Herobrine?

    Lane: WAIT SO JESSE IS CAN BE EVIL WE ALL CAN BUT HACKING?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

    Lane kicks a rock*


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  • Becky MCPE

    Oh boi guys. I wanted to wait a little longer for more people to read the preview but I just couldn't wait to start writing. Its been so long since I wrote anything. If you haven't already figured it out this is a crossover between The Legend of Zelda: Majoras mask and MCSM. I don't think this series will fall flat like the last one. I've never done a crossover before, so hopefully it will be fun for all of us. Sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy :3.

    Legend tells of a hero, who had slain evil from the land. However, the hero had crept away from the land that she knew. In search of a beloved friend. (Omg that sounds super cheesy)

    Writers note only read if you aren't a Zelda fan or aren't aware about the events that take place: HEY LISTEN! B…

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  • Becky MCPE

    Hello everyone. I'm back for the millionth time, hopefully I stay this time.

    Anyway I'm planning to make a crossover between MCSM and another game (for now its a mystery unless you will know by the preview) I havent played MCSM/ Minecraft in forever so forgive me if I get some of the info wrong. The other game im crossing it over with is a really great game, my favorite in fact. I hope it will combine the lores and characters from both games.

    Lets get started with a preview!


    I had always loved masks, even when I was a child. Now masks are what make up my business. Funny, isn't it, how our basic interests can decide our future. I collect masks from all over the world. Funny masks, scary masks, old masks, new masks, one thing is for certa…

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  • JesseFan300

    The Great Rescue Part 9

    October 13, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Petra: JESSE!

    Lukas: Oh snap

    Ivor: ....

    Everyone starts talking over each other*

    Lane: Stop it! Your all just gonna stand here talking when Jesse could be= well who knows where!

    Steve: Lane is right

    Gavin: WATCH OUT LANE!!

    Lane: Wha-

    Aiden Comes back and knocks Lane down*


    Aiden hits Lanes arm*

    Lane: AHHHHHHHHH MY ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Steve and Gavin Jump in and fight Aiden*

    Aiden teleports away*

    Gavin: You ok

    Steve looks at Lanes arm*

    Steve: Uh......

    Lane: Uh what

    Steve: Your arm uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Lane looks at it and its all torn up*


    Gavin: Oh no

    Lane Runs around screaming and runs into the broken down porta…

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  • Jessefan1

    I made over 9,000 edits

    October 11, 2018 by Jessefan1

    I noticed that I made over 9,000 edits now and close to 10K. I can't believe that after all of this time. But I may not make it to 10K before I will be inactive. But I got some things from Order of the Female Jesse to show you. I might reached 9,000 edits a couple of days ago, but I wasn't able to make a blog about it while I reached the 9,000 edits until today.

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  • StampyMCSM

    Makin' a story

    October 10, 2018 by StampyMCSM

    Hey, I am back, you didn't see me from alot of time did you...?

    Anyways, I am creating a story, and it's like chapter 6 of the first mcsm. Yeah, murderings, mansions, investigations, and stuff like that, and it is called "Back to the mansion". OF COURSE it has MCSM characters, except the ones who died in chapter 6. The story pretends season 2 never even existed, and at the end of season 1, Jesse starts wondering how the worlds he went in changed after everything he did. He chooses to start from the Mansion, just to see if Cassie  Rose was still alive with her cat (which I don't remember name. I did chapter 6 like a year ago and I don't remember the names!) and for the rest, we will discover when the story comes out...

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Well, this is just a theory ok? Since.... Ya ever noticed why Minecraft have so.. Blocky Shapes? Well, all things even living humans and animals! I bet "Minecraftia" Is just a planet that looks like a SQUARE earth! And so... All humans and animals there should been aliens then! Well, this is about Steve tho but still! I should say why Minecraftia is a planet..... Well idk why heh heh why did i do this i just wanted!

    10: His eyes! (½§½§) (Yes, that weird thing was.... Minecraftian text! Anyway, well yes anyway his eyes? What about them? Heh heh them eyes is blue/purple meanwhile he is black, shouldn't his eyes yes be brown then? Yeah brown eyes is often what black guys have... Sorry ikr? It is kinda... Just my thought, that's... I thought so…

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  • JesseFan300

    Ok Guys this is Just A tralier for Part 9 Not the real thing just in case you missed the title)

    ???: This Room This Light The illusion its all you have left

    Lane: I have to get home....

    ???: Im afraid your not going anywhere

    Narrtor: When Danger Strikes

    Gavin: We have to save Beacon Town!

    Narrator: Hero's Are Made

    Steve: If we dont fix this none of us will have a home to go back to

    Beacon Towner: You can call me Tayler

    Narrator: When All Hope is Lost


    Narrtor: And There Is Nothing Left

    Shows Jesse,Steve,Lane,Gavin all standing by each other looking a Hazardly*

    Narrtor: There is Still Light


    Narrtor: In Heros

    Text on Screen That says The Great Rescue Part 9 …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Guys! Good thing is! I am doing Part Three now! And yes last time the five guys is seen in somebody's crystal ball and the unfaced guy is planning something like evil...?)

    Petra: So... If i eh get this right? "Fat Hating Guy"... *She and OOTFJ giggles a little there* 0_0 Is gonna :/ Do something to this town? And ya want... Me and OOTFJ to help ya? Good i now want to i can heh of course i'm in! ^^

    Sid: Is uh right so dude, you lol in?

    OOTFJ: Yeah, me too! :)

    Steve: Good, guys! We all in!

    Sid: Alright, i was uh gonna find his hideout...

    OOTFJ: But how?

    Sid: Let's go!

    • Later, they found a house under the airport in the ground, secret hideout huh?*

    Sid: Here we are!

    Carson: Wow! Cool, living, here... Tho, to me it looks so spooky a little!

    Steve: Ditto!…

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  • JesseFan300

    Hour 47 12:59

    Jesse: Gavin Hurry and pick

    Gavin: I will stay

    Hazardly lets then other free then grabs Gavin and pulls him behind him*

    Hazardly: Oh yeah I cant let you tell anyone >:) so I will do this

    Hazardly Chokes Lane with Magic*


    Gavin jumps on Hazardlys head and hits his head*

    Lane: I can breath again

    Jesse: Gavin wait don-

    Gavin gets blasted against the wall*

    Jesse: Dont jump on his head

    Lane: GAVIN!!!!!!

    Steve starts to wake up*

    Jesse: STEVE HELP!

    Steve runs away *

    Jesse: YOU!! GET BACK HERE

    Aiden appears grabs Lane and puts near his head*


    Jesse gets down on ground*

    Hazardly: I want you on the dark side

    Hazardly lifts up red controlling potion*

    Steve swings on vine from the roof…

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  • JesseFan300

    Hour 30

    Jesse: OMG AIDEN!?!??! You Just stabbed Lanes foot

    Lane pulls out his sword and starts trying to hit Aiden*

    Steve: Lane I cant believe you are a Traitor!

    Lane: Whats the big deal

    Jesse: GAVIN IS DEAD!

    Lluna: Guys-

    Lane: Look closley he is still alive

    Steve: Oh heheh

    Lluna: Thats what I was trying to tell you!

    Lane: Would you rather have me dead or have this happen?!

    Jesse: Good point


    Hazardly Laughs and teleports away Aiden runs to fight more shadows*

    Jesse: So traitor

    Jesse knocks Lane down and points a sword at his neck*

    Lane: Traitor? I was fighting some shadows when I got hit by some red potion

    Gavin wakes up*

    Gavin: What happened

    Jesse tells him what happened*

    Gavin: Wow. why Lane?

    Lane: Cause of a weird red potion that came at…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Ok sigh seriously, honestly, sadly, i am honest! :( JesseFan300, sorry if i sounded rude for see Part 6.... This is not Part 7 Btw, this is an edited version of Part 6, rlly, if ya did not know how to do a remake i show ya this, and if you do Part 7 Pls it will take place after this part i do, so look closely:


    "Title: The Traitor!"

    Hour 29

    Gavin: Wait! Are you here to save the world again?..

    Jesse: You bet!

    Lane: Can we help you?

    Jesse: Uh sure....


    Gavin: Oh no!

    Jesse: What have I done?

    • Steve runs to them with Lluna crying*

    Jesse: What's wrong? :/

    Steve: Uh-

    Lluna: Aiden died saving me! ;(

    Jesse: NO! sure he was a jerk sometimes but NOOOOOOO!

    Steve: Who are they? …

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  • JesseFan300

    Hour 29

    Gavin: Wait Are you here to save the world again

    Jesse: You bet

    Lane: Can we help you?

    Jesse: Uh sure


    Gavin : Oh no 

    Jesse: What have I done

    Steve runs to them with Lluna crying*

    Jesse: Whats wrong

    Steve: Uh-

    Lluna: Aiden died saving me

    Jesse: NO! sure he was a jerk sometimes but NOOOOOOO!

    Steve: Who are they

    Jesse: Thats Gavin and Thats Lane

    Steve: We should get to Hazardly And Hi

    Lane: H-Hazardy He almost just killed me

    Gavin: We need to stop him with you

    Jesse: Lets go in the back of the main room in the terminal 

    Steve: Ok lets go

    Lane: Uh I will be right back I think I left my sword over there

    A few minutes later*

    Steve: We should go without him

    Gavin: Ya I guess h…

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  • JesseFan300

    Hour 28

    • Steve goes through the portal*

    Steve: Huh where am I Lluna you ok-

    Jesse: Come on Aiden we are finnaly at the terminal sp-

    Jesse see's Steve*

    Jesse: Well would you look who it is

    Lluna : Hi Jesse!

    • Jesse looks at lluna in shock*

    Aiden: Uh Jesse you o-

    Aiden: I just noticed why you are shocked

    Lluna: Ah Wait Huh? 

    Steve: Why  can those shadows punc- owwwwwwwwwwwww

    Jesse: Wait those arent ours shadows

    Jesse,Steve and Aiden All pull out their swords*

    Aiden: I will protect Lluna

    Jesse: What Are you doing here 

    Steve: Trying to save the world

    Jesse: Me too with my ANKLE THAT WAS ROLLED!

    Steve: Ok! can we settle this later!

    Jesse: Fine 

    • Jesse and Steve continue killing off shadows*

    Steve: Well Im sorry

    Jesse: Me too I guess

    Steve and Jesse: Friends again?

    Steve …

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  • I Love Pokemon 5000

    First you get to that character Jesse appearance and I chose between the male white Jesse and the female white Jesse,( I don't want to be racists, so I will avoid talking much about this since this is about a hero no matter the race)

    I built a creeper, I mean they are hostile and they actually pose a threat and not as much as the enderman does right?

    I went after reuben myself because I want to win. I don't want reuben to be the "reason why we lost the building competition" Axel and Olivia do nothing to find reuben with you if the build gets burned down by infamous Aiden.

    I told Reuben to run by himself.

    I jumped, there really is no point in causing durability damage to our swords and there are too many mobs.

    I went after Lukas myself

    I saved Pe…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Well yeah, before Part 3 of "Steve in Tennessee" Here are Top "5" "Questions!" The last two are yes the 2 are more questionable than the 5 to 3! And i wanted to do this oh do before Part Three, well only wonder what ya think so, here:

    5: How come Petra and OOTFJ come to Tennessee? And how do Petra know OOTFJ?

    4: Anybody who knows Part One when Steve (Me) ate food and i try to eat it but it was too big for my jaw to chew so i throw it on a lady's handbag and she yell when she notices it when her cellphone rings? How i came up with that idea? Anybody should guess? It's familiar!

    3: How did Steve survive the car accident after saving the old lady's shoe in Part One tho?

    2: Was there ANY Of you who knew it was Cousin Sid in the shadows in Part One…

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  • JesseFan300

    The Great Rescue Part 4

    September 29, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Text on screen that says Hour 24*

    Jesse: ugh fine I dont need him

    Aiden : ...

    Jesse noticed Aidens silence*

    Jesse: Whats wrong

    Aiden: Its just wouldnt it be Harder without steve

    Jesse: well

    • Time Freezes*

    Narrator: You most likley dont get whats happened let me tell you

    Hour 23

    Jesse: We only have 25 hours left to find them

    Steve: some of the 23 was wasted in beacon town


    Steve: wait when I was fighting Hazardly In  beacon town what were you doing

    Jesse: well my ankl-

    Steve: Oh now excuse's!

    Jesse: Ok then if your so sure maybe I did not try to get up with a rolled ankle!

    Steve and Jesse: UGH

    • Steve walks away with lluna*

    Aiden looks scared* 

    Aiden: this is intense

    Jesse: Aiden lets go!

    Back to hour 24

    Jesse: well I have done somethings by myself!

    Aiden pu…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Who did you rescue during Extreme Spleef? I rescued Petra.

    "Petra most of the time!"

    Did you make a deal with Emily or not in Lava Race? I agreed to work with Em in the Lava Race.

    "I agreed to work with Emily in the Lava Race."

    How did you finish the Lava Race? I rescued Nell.

    "Help Nell! Were the good guys!"

    How did you deal with Hadrian in his palace? I rejected Hadrian's new deal.

    "I don't trust Hadrian. Hadrian keeps changing the deal."

    Where did Emily go in the end? I brought Em to their home world.

    "I brought Emily to our home world. Welcome Emily to Beacontown!" :D


    A Journey's End?

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Wikipedia

    Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 1 my storytale play (Return to season 1 episode 1)

    (Coming up: Minecraft Story Mode Seaso…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Did you make Petra angry in the Portal Hallway? I made nice with Petra.

    "Petra! You need to be rational!"

    What did you tell PAMA about how you found this world? I told PAMA the truth.

    "What adventures world you have." :)

    Which friend did you unchip first? I unchipped Petra.

    "Jesse! That. Was. Awful." :(

    Which potion did you choose to clear a path to PAMA? I chose the Swiftness Potion.


    Did you defend Harper? I defended Harper.

    "See ya later Harper!" :D



    Access Denied

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Wikipedia

    Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 8 my storytale play

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Did you show the Flint & Steel to CaptainSparklez? I showed the Flint & Steel.

    "To let him know I have it."

    Who did you accuse after dinner? I refused to accuse anyone.

    "Let's not accuse anyone yet..."

    Did you lend a helping hand or go after The White Pumpkin? I helped my friends fight off the spiders.

    "I don't want LDShadowLady to get killed by Spiders."

    Did you convince the others about Cassie Rose? I convinced the others.

    "Cassie Rosey." :)

    How did you leave Cassie Rose? I left her with her cat, Winslow.

    "Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty! Who loves ya?"



    A Portal to Mystery

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Wikipedia

    Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 7 my storytale play

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Did you demolish Ivor's lava house? I let Ivor's house stand.

    "Long live with the lava house. Long live with the lava house! LONG LIVE WITH THE LAVA HOUSE!"

    Did you run from the guards or try to help Ivor? I ran from the guards.

    "Jesse with beautiful hiding pose." :)

    Did you try to save The Founder or help Lukas? I tried to rescue Isa.

    "Save The Founder!"

    How did you end your confrontation with Aiden? I chose to help Aiden to safety.

    "We want Aiden alive, we cannot let him leave behind."

    Who did you leave in charge of reconstruction? I made Isa and Milo share power.

    "I made Isa and Milo shared the same power together."



    Order Up!

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Wikipedia

    Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 6 my storytale play

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Hey! Guys! Yes so sigh yes i finally did it Steve in Tennessee Part 2! YES! :D So last time Steve or me saw a hidden guy in the shadows and last part ends just him asking me if i know who he is so continue:)

    Steve: Uh, No?...... :/

    ???: Sigh, ok!

    • He reveal himself and do not hide there anymore*

    Steve: GASPS! :D!

    Cousin: Yup... Here i am Steve! :D Long time no see huh? XD :D

    Steve: Cousin! :D! *Hugs him*

    Cousin: It is nice to see ya again! *Hugs back*

    Steve: Ok, anyway.... Say, it been a long time since we saw each other yup, so... And i forgot, sadly, what is your name again?

    Cousin:.... Cousin Sid! ;I

    Steve: I; Well, i forgot that!

    • Yeah, i believe i named him something else or else i just think i was, well, Sid starts with a "S" Just like Steve so.…
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  • Jessefan1

    It's my Second Wikiaversary!

    September 23, 2018 by Jessefan1

    I think it's 6-7 hours away for my Second Wikiaversary, but I might have about 2 days after my Second Wikiaversary. But you can guys comment saying "Happy Second Wikiaversary" when it's 12:00 AM Sep 24th. I'm about to be excited, but have school during the 3 days, so I won't be on until later. But I got about over 4 weeks on Wikia left, so I will stick around until then. I hadn't been on much since the end of August through Mid-September. But I will be on Wikia most of October. But I will have 9,000 edits later this week. I hope you guys have the rest of night and make me have a good another Wikiaversary for tomorrow.

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  • JesseFan300


    September 22, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Tell Tale Is shutting down Minecraft story mode season 3 isnt looking good right now only 25 employee's are left netflix might be it someone might buy it and get the staff back and continue it but it isnt looking good right now :C

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  • SarahGamersHD

    Hey, guys. So, yes, judging by the title, I've got so extremely upsetting news I want to share to you (man I hate giving out bad news... gosh darn it), but unfortunately, it's officially true, guys. Telltale Games announced yesterday announced that 250 of their employees were laid off without severance pay, and was left with only 25 employees remaining to fullfill their opportunities, including working on getting Minecraft: Story Mode to Netflix. As a result of this, The Wolf Among Us - Season 2, Game of Thrones - Season 2, and Stranger Things - The Telltale Series got cancelled. Not only that, but The Walking Dead - The Final Season will be left unfinished as well, which means after the second episode comes out on Tuesday, it's done; thus…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hey Guys! :D... :/ Well today i was thinking doing Part 2 of "Steve in Tennessee" Finally! :) But.... :/ :( Sadly i feel too tired and i am not sure what the characters will say or what i should plan to do first part! In Second part.. But anyway, now i do a top ten blog just like last time oh is time for it man time for... Is about "Top 10 Creatures that Should be added in Minecraft" Well, i had more animals in my mind than monsters and other creatures right eh these creatues right then uh huh it uh is:... 7 Animals, 2 Monsters and 1 Random Creature which is ten together of course! And if there is any creature i missed well remember this is my choices and opinion what should be added, but of course i would like to add more creatures too! Y…

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  • JesseFan300

    The Great Escape Part 3

    September 22, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Last Time our hero's set out to find all the kidnapped order of the stone memebers They found Lluna and now on with the story

    Jesse: Ok guys any clues on where our friends could be?

    Steve: Ah this Llama Keeps trying to spit on me

    Lluna will not stop spitting*

    Jesse Face palms*

    They hear something hiding in a bush*

    Jesse: Uh steve did you hear that?

    Steve: oh you mean that bush

    Jesse: yup

    • Jesse,Steve and Lluna all walk towards the bush*

    Steve: Whats in there

    Jesse: Guess we will find ou- Lluna still looks angry from when you called her smelly

    Lluna spits in the bush*

    ???: Ow

    • A person falls out of bush*

    Steve: Oh A person

    ???: Who are you do you work for the wizard

    Jesse: Heck No we are trying to stop the wizard

    ???: Why what did he do to your town he kidnapp…

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  • JesseFan300

    I am replaying minecraft story mode and it shows romeo turning into Jesse at the oasis (UNDERNEATH)  instead of prison so eh and thats all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Did you take Gabriel or Petra on the horse? I took Petra.

    "I got Petra!"

    Did you convince Lukas to stay or go? I let Lukas save his friends.

    "His friends might be still out there."

    Did you ask Petra to come with you or stay behind? I told Petra to come.

    "Petra, you have to keep fighting!"

    Did you enter the witch's hut or warn your friends? I entered the witch's hut to take the cake.

    "I actually stole a potion in the chest."

    Did you enter the maze or look for a way around? I chose to enter the maze.

    "Let's discover this maze?"

    Which weapon did you craft? I crafted a diamond sword.

    "Diamond sword is awesome!"

    Did you choose new armor or keep your own? I chose new armor.

    "I decided to choose a new armor from Ivor."

    Which new armor did you pick? I decided to pic…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    What did you yell after Ivor when he run away? I told him he wouldn't get away with this.

    [Slow motion] "You won't get away from this."

    Did you drop the Amulet or jump down into the dug hole? I dropped the Amulet.

    "Go! That would be bad."

    D​id you save the amulet or your friends? I chose to save their friends.

    "So I can high-five Reuben. Get away from my pig!"

    Did you follow Lukas through The End or lead the way? I followed Lukas through the End​.​

    "Let's give Lukas a chance. Follow him!"

    D​id you high-five Reuben? I high-fived Reuben.

    "High-five Reuben!" :D

    Did you reveal or keep the secret? I revealed the secret.

    "I revealed Petra's sickness. Nope. Don't want it, don't need it. But thanks."

    Did you listen to all of Soren's records? I listened to every rec…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    How did you take down the Ghast? I took down the ghast by reflecting its fire beams.

    "With a Stone Sword."

    Did you craft or steal the repeater? I crafted a repeater.

    "I crafted and stole a repeater."

    Did you launch Reuben in the Cow-A-Pult? I did not launch Reuben.

    "I did not launch Reuben in the Cow-A-Pult. Reuben feels nervous."

    Did you set all the bats free in Ellegaard's dome? I did not set all the bats free.

    "I only clicked 2 times."

    Did you build the command block? I stayed to help Ellegaard to build the command block.

    "Let's do this. Also, I did it without having Reuben to assist me."

    When did you leave the temple? I departed at night.

    "We don't want the Wither Storm catching us up early."

    Did you kill a monster with a bow and arrow? I completed Epi…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Did you build a creeper, a zombie, or an Enderman? I built a Enderman.

    "Let's build a Enderman."

    What did you name your team? I chose the Order of the Pig.

    "We're the Order of the Pig."

    Did you send Reuben away or keep him with you? I told Reuben to run from the monsters.

    "I don't want Reuben to get hit by a Zombie. Otherwise, Reuben will get black-eyed."

    Did you win the building competition? I won the building competition.

    "I told Axel and Olivia to save our builds."

    Did you threaten Otis, trade with him, or do nothing? I threatened Otis.

    "I'm afraid that Otis will kill Reuben and turn into pig food." "Give. Me. Back. My pig."

    Did you rescue Lukas or alert Gabriel? I rescued Lukas.

    "No one get's left behind!"

    Did you try to rescue Petra or Gabriel? I rescu…

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  • JesseFan300

    The Great Rescue Part 2

    September 16, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Please Read Part 1 if you havent anyway After our hero's were about set out to try to find the kidnapped Order of the stone memebers and soon to be kidnapped beacon towners anyway back to the story

    Jesse Ivor and Steve all start coughing like crazy*

    Ivor:The smoke *cough* its clearing

    Smoke Clears*

    • something grabs Jesse's Leg* 


    • Steve pulls out a bow*

    Steve: Its the end of line

    Hazardly The Wizard: Not so fast *brings bow to him with Magic

    Steve: Or not

    • Hazardly points Bow at steve*

    Steve: Rip me

    Jesse: NO

    • Jesse gives Hazadly A Black eye*

    Hazardly The Wizard: Ah My eye oh well *drops note and grabs Ivors foot and drags him away before they can catch him*

    Ivor: NO JESSE HELP 

    Jesse runs after Ivor but trips*

    Steve: *runs after Hazardly* I…

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  • JesseFan300

    The Great Rescue Part 1

    September 15, 2018 by JesseFan300

    After our hero's killed the wither storm and defeated Romeo there was no new adventure until now 

    Jesse's Best Friend Steve had just moved into beacon town now time to tell you what happened after that

    Jesse: Hey Steve *waves*

    Steve: Hey Jesse just finshed up my build

    • Jesse looks at steve's build*

    Jesse: Thats a really cool build! wanna meet the rest of the order?

    Steve: Sure

    Jesse: Ok this is petr- where is petra

    • Jesse picks up a note*

    Steve: Huh I note?

    Jesse: It says I have taken Petra if you ever want to see her again you must fine me in 48 hours or I put her in lava

    • Steve and Jesse Gasp*

    Jesse: We have to find her!

    Steve: Wait there is a name on the bottem of the note it says Hazardy The Wizard

    Jesse: Well I guess thats kinda a clue I will be right…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yup! Guys, here is another reason Top 10 Blog! This time.... It will start from Number 10 to Number 1! So yes i will thank you everyone and yes this...... Is about the wikis too! This wiki's things... That came back! :D So here:

    "Top 10 Good News:"

    10: Netflix Series of Minecraft: Story Mode! (Yes :/ Well, idk first if i will like it or not, first i had that feeling for MCSM Season 2 Because I wanted good stuff to happen, heh and everything good to happen did happen, :D :/ But now tho yes but now i am not sure about Netflix, The Netflix Series? This Series sounds good enough to me but uh... How the heck can we do interactive on a show? That can happen in games even in Telltale Games but yeah i hope the show is good enough too! Ok but do do w…

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  • Jessefan1

    I got a notice that my second wikiaversary is 2 weeks away, so I thought about creating a blog before the 2 weeks would help. But I'm not active much as I was before, but I may have a couple of days on after my wikiaversary. I will let you know when it's my second Wikiaversary, but I got school on that day so I will check later afternoon. I think that's it for now.

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    YAY! :D I will make Part One already! Hope ya like this adventure for sure dudes this adventure will be a real dude one!

    • Steve writes messages in Facebook*

    Steve: K, that's the last one! *Sends long message* That's it! :( Too bad i can't continue! Well i better get going!..

    • But before he try to close computer a message suddenly pops up!*

    Steve: Huh? What's this? Gosh! This guy i think i know!

    • He clicks on it and it is from his Cousin!*

    Steve: Cousin!

    Cousin: Hi, Steve! I know we have not seen at a long time but still! I am in trouble, this is rlly important so come quick! I live in Tennessee! Ya may be flying long, but i need ya! You is the hero there!

    Steve: Gosh, hero? Well, ;) Ya can count on me! *Thumbs up*

    • Steve packs*

    Steve: Tennessee, here i …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Well sigh rlly, i saw one more user came to that blog i did the last time before this before yes for sure oh and last time oh that time was a story, i planned to do! And i wanted at least four users to comment and it was three so far and i oh looked one last time in that case for sure if anybody came and yes so now i will but this is just a message that i will but not yet this is like uh start or whatever and anyway i hope you guys will see it and i decide when i do and i hope ya guys will love it and all!

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    15 years after the defeat of The Admin, now a new threat has risen, it's time to bring Minecraftia to peace once and for all.

    Hello everyone.

    Ender, your old friend here.

    Remember when I announced that Love and War was cancelled?

    Well, I decided to reboot it!

    Since MCSM Season 3 seems quite unlikely, I thought it would be cool if I rebooted L&W, but as a climax to MCSM, to wrap the story up.

    Now, this will be extremely different from the original L&W, here are some examples of how:

    • Jill has been replaced, I never really liked Jill, she was emotionless and had no personality.
    • Remember King Arthur? The Megalomaniac King? He is back, but unlike in the original L&W, he is actually the brother of Jesse, and has no relation to the protagonist. (Or does…

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  • JesseFan300

    So I don't have pictures of it I am not on my normal PC  but I did make romeoburg in the challange I could only make about one or two pressure plates release water when I get back on my normal PC I will post some pictures of it so um yeah Idk what else to say so um...

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  • Jessefan1

    I got some pictures from 6 or less months ago. So I was going to make that this weekend.

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Dudes, guys, better lol on this time, time last time you guys did see my blog some of you tho, still, if ya guys see heh this one too i do an adventure of this, an adventure about something cool!

    This adventure will be called "Steve in Tennessee!" Since, Tennessee is where Jessefan1 lives in he even says in profile, where yeah Steve where he will meet a cousin in it who need Steve's help! Gee, a villain in this story will be named "Fat Hating Guy" Yeah, lazy name ikr? I made it up and.... The villain is from an unknown place and he wanna take over Tennessee, so Steve will save Tennessee from Fat Hating Guy to make sure the country will be safe, well, ikr this idea is lazy but i try my best and i wish i can travel or even live in Tennessee s…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Welcome to our 1,000 edits Blog Post! It's been over 3 months now since I joined this Minecraft Story Mode Wikia. We are now aiming our best hope to earn a badge called 'Wiki Hero!' along with our best friendships: Jessefan1 and SteveBobMinecraftPants currently. I am truely living up this community for my user. Please feel free to take a look around on our excellence images, and I would like to wish you have a amazing time. ~May our work of dreams come true!

    -->> #MakeItHappen🇨🇳

    -->> #China'sLife

    -->> #OOTFJ&ChinaFTW

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  • JesseFan300

    Some people think there are sets in every world and they are the color of the portal glow thing forgot what its called i think there are sets for every world because well for many diffrent reasons but for a example cassie rose claims the set for the world she was in was found and the one for our world.

    Tell me what you think in the comments

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