• Galaxycore

    This is not anything official and is my opinion

    1. Ivor's Cottage
    2. Soren's Fortress
    3. Gabriel's Bunker
    4. Jesse's Treehouse
    5. Temple of the Order of the Stone
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  • Jetrashipper

    PAMA: '*still as Omega Flowey* 'Prepare to be destroyed, Shipper and PEKKA. Yay!

    PEKKA: Are you kidding me right now?! After all that, we STILL have to deal with this guy?!

    Shipper: Hey, don't pin ME for this! This computer has issues! And NO, I'm NOT talking about my laptop!

    Jesse: Um, can you discuss this later?! This robot is about to ____ING KILL US ALL!


    Petra: Yeah, well, you know what ELSE is rude? Mind-controlling people and throwing pretty redheads into lava pits!

    PAMA: Define "pretty."

    Shipper: *bursts out laughing* HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, but that was too good! XD

    Petra: >:(

    PEKKA: Shipper! Task at hand!

    Shipper: Oh yeah, that's right! PAMA, time to go!

    PEKKA: Really? That's the best you could come up with?

    Shipper: I couldn't thi…

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  • Jessefan1

    It`s Steve`s Birthday today, so yesterday me and him talked about alot of stuff and the conversation times were a little longer than it was for a 30 minute conversation and less than a 30 minute conversation. So celebrate him for his birthday today, just you guys give him a happy birthday.

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  • Domitron3

    What's up, guys? Also, this will contain spoilers!!! Now we have some news on new things for MCSM Season 2. Such as names and locations. Even when the game will take place!

    Now, Eric Stirpe has confirmed Radar and his voice actor here:  confirms this is him, since the video was about him. Not only that, Eric also confirmed his voice actor is going to be Yuri Lowenthal.

    So on a Twitch stream, Eric Stirpe revealed the new antagonist is going to be called "The Admin."

    Now Eric confirmed the llama's name is going to be called "." Now Lluna is the llama in the Season 2 key art here:  Not much, but appreciated, Eric.

    Eric Stirpe said at E3 on Twitch that Jesse and the New Order's hometown is called "Beacon Town" and their rival town is called "Champi…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Ender: Axel!

    Axel: What?

    L: *startled* But What? You fell into the lava!

    Axel: I had ender pearls. But I heard Lukas is out.

    Magnus: Yeah. Poor Blondie. He was gone for good.

    Steve: Psst! Guys!

    Alex: ?

    Pig Master: I'm hearing things again.

    Steve: No. No you're not.

    Ender: What do YOU want from us, killer?

    Steve: Killer? I- uh. I'm not a killer.

    Axel: Really? Then who pushed me into the lava?

    Steve: 1. That was Jesse and 2. It's all Drake's fault.

    L: That makes sense.

    Steve: Right.

    Pig Master: How do we know we can trust him?

    Steve: Please! I only followed Drake because he promised that after the Order of the stone was all out, we'd be the new ones.

    Alex: That selfish little. You were all selfish! You KILLED Lukas!

    Steve: Yeah. And now they're heading to Red…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    "Dad, please don't kill them, they did nothing to you, they didn't know what they did wasn't allowed." Jill begged.

    "SHUT UP! YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THIS." Her father yelled.

    The soldiers were locked in a cell, they looked horrified.

    "If you kill us, you'll only effect this kingdom even more." Order told him.

    "Yeah, it honestly seems like all you care about is killing people." Winslow added.

    Their pets were tied to a lead, they looked scared.

    "Don't you soldiers get it??? YOU DESERVE WHATEVER PUNISHMENT I CHOOSE." Jill's father screamed.

    "Don't you think it's a little harsh to kill us because we showed up at your meeting? And if you do kill me, don't you DARE lay a hand on Larry." The Lever warned.

    "You know it's not the right thing to do." Jill's mot…

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  • Domitron3

    My Terrible Fan-Art.

    June 18, 2017 by Domitron3

    Hi, guys.

    I was messing around with MS paint and made these beautiful creations:

    What do you guys think? :3

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  • Jessefan1

    Hadrian: It looks like Jessefan1, Order, Domitron, and Alex are about to fight Clutch, Mevia!

    Mevia: You`re right, Hadrian. I heard her saying that she wants to see to tough they are!

    Hadrian: I guess so Mevia. It looks like Slab has been eliminated!

    Mevia: You`re right, Hadrian. Let`s get back to the battle.

    Hadrian: Okay

    Clutch: You will guys die because you killed Slab!

    Jessefan1: Really? Are you going to mess with us because we killed your friend Slab? *Pulls out weapons*

    Clutch: Yeah, Now let me see how tough you guys are!

    Jessefan1: I`m tough enough.

    Order: I`m probably close to tough. *Pulls out a Sword*

    Domitron: I`m almost tough as Jessefan.  *Pulls out a weapon*

    Alex: I`m tough enough to defend you. *Pulls out a sword*

    Clutch: You expect me …

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  • Domitron3

    Hi, guys.

    So as of recently, Darth has given me acces to this wiki's Twitter page. So most of the announcments are most likely made by me.

    Just letting everyone know. :)

    Domitron3 05:36, June 17, 2017 (UTC)

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Meanwhile... Just outside the obsidian walls of the castle...

    Several troops ran through a jungle, there were sounds of explosions, screams, and... Other things throughout the jungle.

    The people that were fighting for the kingdom, which went by the name of Aranda, rode on horseback, there were a few Llamas that followed their owners who were on horseback, and there was one who was riding on a Polar Bear.

    Then the general of the troops put his hand up, which commanded all the horses to stop.


    Order then raised her hand.

    "WHAT DO YOU WANT???" He shouted.


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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hey guys, you know who I am, I need to let you all know something.

    I'm restarting Love and War, why? Because the ammount of characters overwhelmed me and I wasn't able to figure out how to do it with all the characters.

    Luckily though, since I didn't really have anything done, this means it won't be cancelled, it wont be restarted in terms of plot either, the plot is safe and the story is still going to be happening.

    New sign up rules:

    • As always, there is a limit.
    • I'm sorry guys but, since it was mainly the OC's that we're giving me a hard time, no human OC's this time, you can have a pet though, although it can't be a Hostile Mob (Wolves and Polar Bears don't count as hostile mobs.)

    • EnderDragonCrystal, WITH: Paul the Parrot.
    • Lnerdgirl55.
    • Wolfboy…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    (BTW: I hope you realized that pun. XD!)

    Pig Master: thank you.

    Magnus: We'd better hurry.

    Ender: why?

    L: I get it *Points to castle*

    One wall of the castle falls down.


    Axel: Jesse! I'm glad you came! Anyways, I kinda need help with this griefer who's on to me. Wait. How do I know you really wanna join me?

    Jesse: Come on, Axel!

    Axel: *Pulls down a lever, causing TNT and sand to block Jesse, Steve, Drake and Narrator's way.*

    Jesse: Haven't we been best friends since day one?

    Axel: *Pulls lever and The four can only get a bit closer before another set of TNT and sand blocks their way* Keep going.

    Jesse: We need you, Axel. and you need me.

    Axel: Aww. Ya got me there. *lets Jesse pass*

    Alex: Stop!

    Drake: ?! Who are you?

    Pig Master: We are..... Uh...…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Alright, I'm gonna be using scenes from clips from a Twitch livestream, information from articles, and pictures. If you want to avoid these, look away.

    I believe that Jesse's armor situation can be explained with one word: training. Their clothing? Wait a little for that one.

    In the clip shown during the interview, we see Jesse, clad in a simple iron chestplate and brandishing an iron sword. We know Jesse has better armor (tools can be debated for but it's highly likely Jesse has better weapons). In another clip, we see Jesse flipping a lever in a renovated Treasure Hall to reveal all their armor. And Jesse was the one who either asked it to be built, built it themselves, found it, or watched it being built, as they new where to look and pet…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Oh yeah. DUH! Sorry this is part 6. *Facepalm*

    Jesse, Drake, Steve and Narrator walk out of the treehouse with Winslow and Cassie.

    Alex: They've got Cassie and Winslow!

    L: At least we know where they're headed.

    Pig Master: Then we'd better hurry.

    Ender: Wait. How come the purple dust didn't hurt Winslow, but it hurt me when I touched it?

    L: Could this mean that Winslow is on their side as well?

    Pig Master: PERFECT SETUP! This whole treehouse could be a trap!

    Ender: We have to go to Boom Town and stop Axel from getting killed as well.

    Pig Master: I have a car.

    L: No way! A Ferrari!!!!!!!!

    They all get in the Ferrari and waste no time going into that portal. There was no doubt they were going to be one of the world's greatest heroes as well.

    Alex: Magnu…

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  • Jessefan1

    This could be Drama, the same thing from Number 1

    Hadrian: Oh no, Mevia!

    Mevia: What is it Hadrian?

    Hadrian: Georgia and Policiamalo are eliminated!

    Mevia: Who was it?

    Hadrian: Slab!

    Otto: I`m on it Hadrian!

    Hadrian: Okay, Otto. Just don`t get killed!

    Otto: Okay.

    Slab: I`m going to fight you!

    Jessefan1: Slab, really! You can`t do that!

    Order: Yeah, Slab! *Pulls her weapon out*

    Slab: I`m going to get Clutch if you kill me!

    Jessefan1: Alright, that`s enough! We`re going to fight you!

    Order: I will going fighting too!

    Domitron: Me too!

    Slab: Let`s see how tough you are!

    Jessefan1: *strongly hits him*

    Order: *Kicks him in the legs*

    Domitron: *Trys to help both Jessefan1 and Order fight him*

    Fighting continues

    Hadrian: I had to say that Slab is stronger than Jessef…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hey guys, since I've told you all (at least I think I told you all.) That I'm getting the Complete Adventure soon, there are some things that I WANT to happen but I'm not sure how to do, and I could use some help from you guys.

    • How do I get Petra to go to Ivor's cottage?
    • How do I make Lukas my friend?
    • How do I make Dan die?
    • How do I not make Petra angry?
    • And most importantly... How do I get Lukas' journal from Slab?

    Thank you guys in advance.

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  • Jessefan1

    This might be a Drama Story because the Gladators are stronger than they are. And they are mean. So this is the beginning of the story. Jessefan1: Hi, Hadrian!

    Hadrian: Hi, Jessefan.

    Jessefan1: Are you starting the games?

    Hadrian: Yes, so the rules is that if you win, The Atlas is yours. But if you lose, you will get sented in the mines. You got it?

    Jessefan1: Yes.

    Others: We can get started!

    Hadrian: Enjoy the Games!

    Jessefan1 and others: Okay

    Slab: Hey! The game is started already!

    Jessefan1: Yeah, sorry. I know it`s already started.

    Slab and other Gladators: Time to die!

    OOTCB: No, you can`t let Jessefan1 get killed!

    Gladators: Huh?

    Jessefan1: You heard what Order said!

    Gladators: That`s enough! It`s time to fight!

    Jessefan1: I have weapons.

    OOTCB: I h…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Ender: Paul's right! We have to investigate!

    Winslow: That was a good one!

    2 Minutes later, in Jesse's treehouse

    Winslow: You weren't kidding.

    Cassi: Look for clues.

    Wins: Ooh! Shiny. *reaches for purple dust*

    Cassie: NO! DON'T!

    Ender: That seems familiar. *touches it OWW. But it isn't.

    L; I found postcards.

    Pig master: One for each member of the order. Except Jesse.

    Alex: Are we dealing with Jealousy here?

    • Treehouse door opens*

    L: HIDE!

    Drake: What now?

    Winslow: *From closet in mind* Put a shirt on, dude. *Tumbles out of closet.*

    Jesse: *Kicks Winslow* Stupid cats.

    Cassie: *Triggered* Better than pigs.

    Alex: *Whispering* Cassie NO!

    Jesse: pigs don't cough uo hairballs.

    Cassie: Cats don't roll in mud.

    Jesse: Reuben wasn't a URDERER!

    Cassie: He would've murdere…

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  • Jessefan1

    I realized that i have my sister`s birthday party tomorrow at 3 PM. Which my sister would be 16 years old. So i won`t be back until the party is over, i promise i would come back guys, but i don`t know when yet. But i will figure it out when the party is over. I know that i went so many places this week in almost every day, but because my family had of things to do since the tree had fell on the driveway, but we fixed it so that doesn`t happened. I would see you guys after the party at some time. But i`m not going yet. See you OOTCB and other friends when i come back from there.

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Lukas: Jesse? Is.. Is that you?

    Jesse: Forgive me. *Her eyes flash purple once more and hits Lukas in the back with an axe. She picks up his drops: The atlas, his journal, and his armor.*

    Drake: Well done, Jesse.

    Jesse: Take his drops.

    Narrator: Are we done yet?

    Steve: Nope! We still have Axel, Olivia, Ivor and even Petra. Ooh. She might be a tough one.


    Paul: BAWK!!! Paul want a cracker.

    Ender: *Shoves crackers into Paul's mouth*

    Pig Master: Did I miss something here?

    L: Yeah! What's up with you.

    Ender: Shussh! Look at the tv.

    TV: One day Old builder, Lukas mysteriously dissapears.

    Alex: What?

    TV: We have found an axe. the one responsible for killing Lukas. After lots of research,, we have found someone responsible. Jesse, the leader of the or…

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  • BadTimeNico

    I was searching for a good Minecraft resource pack, then I found one and it brought me to this page:

    (it's not even MCSM resource pack)

    What the heck????


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  • Sparta300a

    Chose Female Jesse with Red Sleeves.

    Went by The Dead Enders.

    Built A Creeper.

    Kept Reuben.

    Did Not Win The Competition.

    Agreed To Trade With Otis.

    Saved Lukas.

    Saved Gabriel.

    Gave Lukas My Cookie.

    Kept Lukas in The Shelter.

    Chose to Find Magnus.

    Shot The Ghast with a Bow.

    Tossed The Amulet to Axel.

    Planned To Graze Magnus with TNT.

    Went by The Destroyer.

    Chose Pink Wool.

    Left At Night.

    Did Not Kill A Monster with bow/arrows.

    Fell into The Pit of Endermen.

    Did Not Tell Gabriel to let Ivor go. (I said that The Order should decide).

    Yelled "You'll pay for this!" to Ivor.

    Dropped The Amulet.

    Helped My Friends.

    Followed Lukas.

    High-fived Reuben.

    Revealed the Secret.

    Played all The Records.

    Agreed to Be Soren's Friend.

    Took Ellegaard's Armor.

    Saved All The Survivors.

    Took P…

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  • XUsefulXHarper

    Back'a! Since I'm constantly inactive due to high school responsibilities, I couldn't know that Season 2 is actually real!

    First thing that came to my mind is.. shippin'. Some ships just need to happen. As soon as possible. But what am I really lookin' forward to, is that our wiki will be brought to life again! Ain't that cool, folks?



    Telltale BETTER NOT mess with XHarpo, they will get a stabo. And IF they try to hurt any main character... - but it ain't like I would murder 'em.

    (says in PAMA voice) ..just make them USEFUL. ['‿']

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  • Jetrashipper

    PAMA: You?! You're the chosen Wikier! I thought it was Policiamalo! FishTime specifically said--

    PEKKA: Yeah, but Shipper's a clever host, far cleverer than you'll ever be. They sent a new message in code so not even the people could read it. 

    PAMA: *shoots me dirty look*

    Shipper: Hey, I didn't want it to come to this, PAMA. You can take away my show, but when you take away my ship, that's when I get MAD! You should not have messed with this Jetra superfan, punk!

    PAMA: No matter. What can PEKKA accomplish that others couldn't?

    PEKKA: THIS. *walks over to usefulizer and chips self*

    Shipper: WTF?! PEKKA, what are you doing?!

    PAMA: This...does not--not--not--not--compute! *goes into temporary shutdown*

    PEKKA: *pops out, unusefulized*

    Shipper: But--you…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Jesse: *In mind* Should I do this? I mean... Lukas! He's... Well now he's to busy for any work with me. I think I kinda liked him. I said LIKED.

    Darlok: Alright we have direct access to the portal network in our backyard.

    Order: Gasp! You have a BACKYARD?

    Narrator: *Facepalm*

    Darlok, Order, Narrator and Steve reach the staircase to the portal network.

    Darlok: All up to you. We'll be waiting for Lukas's bloody armor down here.

    Order: Won't he just respawn?

    Darlok: Not anymore. You see this lever?

    Narrator: Yep.

    Darlok: That's what allows all the players to not die. But if I flip it-

    Narrator: Nobody can respawn anymore.


    Jesse: *Sobbing* I'm sorry it had to come to this, Lukas.

    Lukas: *Startled* Jesse? Why are you crying?

    Jesse: *Lifts axe* Good…

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  • Jessefan1

    The went to some places this week. On Monday, i don`t know if i went into some places. On Tuesday, I went to Walmart with my mom and i went to a Baseball game. And today, I went to a Freshmen Appointment (which i mentioned earlier) which i had to get a schedule for my Freshmen year, and i went to get a surprise at Dairy Queen at Farragut. I think i would add some more some time later.

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Remember "The Minecrafts episodes i am going to make?" Well, i was not finished and wanted really more episodes to be spoofed by me. Also, this is NOT complete because i will come up with a third one since i need "MOAR" requests than that. Also yes this is Simpsons episodes i make but in Minecraft version. And i never see anybody who knows a name of a Simpsons episode on this wiki i maybe will not get any ideas here either... Anyway, Let's start! Part 2:

    Jesse gets an F

    Jesse seels his soul

    Jesse's Girlfriend

    Cool-o-rama (I-I Wow, Lukas quote XD Anyway, the episode from Simpsons is called "Future-Drama" If you was wondering about original)

    Treehouse of Horrorbrine V (Oh yeah, i do Another Treehouse of Horror parody, and the episodes in it are t…

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  • Order of the Command Block


    I was WRONG about the gauntlet! It's not CHOSEN to be worn! It's not supposed to be there! It's prismarine. And CURSED. Jesse's hand is TRAPPED in the gauntlet!


    In a treasure hunt gone wrong, apperantly.

    AND! Season 2 WILL know what we had chosen in season 1.

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  • Jagapup

    Jagapup runs as fast as she can run toward chat.

    • Jagapup enters chat*

    Jagapup: *FanGirl screams super loud!*

    • Everyone covers their hears*

    Charles: Jagapup, what is going on?


    • Everyone's eyes widened. And the next thing you know the whole entire universe dyes from Fangirling *
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  • Order of the Command Block

    I promised, so... here's a thing no one asked for!

    Ok. So. 1 and 2 show Jesse without the gauntlet. We know Jesse is still going on missions without the thing, so it's not a replacement for their armor. This is Jesse BEFORE they get their gauntlet. We know this because in 4 Jesse is walking around casually with it on. Whatever it is, they're not keen on loosing it. It must've been designed to fit like a glove, or be comfortably worn. Or Jesse is super determined not to loose it they're lugging a giant thing weighing a ton on their hand.

    No one seems to find this surprising, since Petra and the newcomers seem pretty cool. The llama looks chill so I don't think it's evil. (Yet. Huehuehuettgpls) Jesse's acting l;ike it's normal in 4.

    3 is where …

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  • Order of the Command Block

    ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN, KIDDIES! We're NEVER getting off! Lets get into these pictures and stuff already.

    1. Looks like Jesse is running from spiders; either during a solo mission or he got separated from the group. A thing I noticed is that the sandstone on the walls marks this as a desert cave. Why is he here? Jesse's also rolled up his sleeves and placed iron shoulder pads on his... well.. shoulders. From his expression, I think he's looking for something. He's mad at the spiders for chasing him and not letting him get his target. He's not scared. Another thing to note is the lack of armor. Just shoulder pads. Dude! You used to be clad in armor! What happened?

    2. From what I can tell, this is the Order's world. Mrs. Mcblandface in the b…

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  • Jessefan1

    I`m back after my Freshmen appointment because i had to get some classes for my Freshmen Year, Sophomore Year, Junior Year, and my Senior Year. So i had a schedule for my Freshmen year, so i would be able to have classes this year in my High School. So now I`m back after i got the schedules for my Freshmen year.

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  • Lnerdgirl55

    Hi guys! This is an exciting time on the wiki because Telltale has announced the release date and has given pictures for MC:SM SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for July 11! I have some theories about what's going on. (Thanks to Becky for uploading the pictures, because I will be using them).

    In the first one Jesse's running from some spiders, I can't really see much context in this one, but we'll find out soon. But good news Order! Since Jesse is the central figure in all of these pictures, it looks like he/she will be the playable character.

    In the next one, Jesse is in what looks like her world with Stampy and Stacy. Maybe them and Dan/Lizzie created their own Order and are having adventures too. Jesse also had a puppy with her, and I was ho…

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  • Becky MCPE

    NOW! I've got your attention.

    SEASON 2'S RELEASED DATE IS CONFIRMED! And pictures! On tumblr Telltale posted Pictures!

    I'm crying. I'm literally holding back tears.

    What's even more exciting? It's coming JULY 11TH GUYS!

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Hey guys! This is a new little thing that I call: A day in the life of Winslow. In co-operation with Steve, we'll see what this blog can bring. Oh yeah, adn Winslow is a cat who CANT speak. His lines are in italics, because he's thinking that. Enjoy!

    Cassie: So many empty useless portals. How do we know where to go?

    Winslow: Meow. Well you'd better find out soon because I'm starving.

    Cassie: Winslow. This Skull portal has our name written all over it.

    Winslow: Meow. Purr. Finally.

    Cassie: In we go.

    Winslow: I don't like portal hopping. It's so disorienting. Stop this. STOP THIS NOW!

    Cassie: Nope. Nothing here. Winslow, you're going to have to help.

    Winslow: Help? HELP? On an empty stomach?

    Cassie: Maybe this will cheer you up. *holds bucket of fish* …

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  • Jessefan1

    Due to things that i have to do, i have to go to my freshmen appointment and my high school tomorrow morning at 10 AM. So i won`t be back until tomorrow afternoon, but still, i will promise to come back at some time.

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Jill struggled to fall asleep in her room that night, she didn't know if it was because she could hear the sounds of warriors screaming in the battle which was right outside the 30 block high obsidian walls that circled around the kingdom, or the fact that her parents were planning on enforcing harsher laws on the innocent minecraftians that lived in the kingdom.

    Her room was made out of bedrock, it had no carpet or windows, and her door was a piston powered door with 2 blocks of bedrock that sealed off her doorway at night, the only other things in her room besides her bed was a one block bookshelf and a torch that was above her bookshelf.

    The kingdom that someday she would rule was just a mere village owned by testificates over 100 years a…

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  • MilesRS677

    I'm Back!

    June 6, 2017 by MilesRS677

    Hello, old friends!

    Wait no one remembers me?

    Well, real shame. Cya

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Sorry it took me so long. ;_;

    Drake: Get your act together, Order!

    Order: Fine fine. Let's just wait for them to get their envelopes.


    Jesse: Umm... Axel?

    Axel: Yeah?

    Jesse: *giggles* What exactly are you doing?

    Axel: Fan mail!

    Ivor: Hey! That postcard in your pocket has MY name on it.

    Lukas: *Sees Envelopes* What are they for?

    Ivor: *reading* Greetings from... CROWN MESA?

    Olivia: I got invited to Redstionia!

    Axel: And me to Boom Town! Well... whatever's left of it.

    Lukas: Holy cow! They're looking for a replacement for Hadrian in the games. And this invitation has my name written all over it! Literally!

    Petra: Sky city? I can't believe I'm getting invited to Sky city!

    Jesse: Let's stick together. One adventure at a time.

    Ivor: Agreed. We're going…

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    Ok, first off, hi, it's been a while.

    Second off, The Old Builders story isn't cancelled. Go figure. I just need to catch up on exams and studying. Expect an episode whenever. Be patient.

    Third off, MCSM HAS A SECOND SEASON. HOLY CRAP. I'm interested in seeing how they do this considering there might not be a story arc except for chasing Ivor. Therefore, the second season may be... bland. I dunno, I haven't got early access. (i wish i had tho)

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    I'm so glad I have made it this far!  Death, Arrow to the knee, puns, A lot of twists and turns. Thanks everyone!

    Ocelot: Stop! Stop! You will not reveal my weakness.

    PAMA: *Looks at lava* I'd rather have Ocelot there than here running her mouth and spilling out secrets.

    Ocelot: Nooo! You are a danger to this world. And how it will turn out. PAMA's weakness is obsidian!

    Georgia: Obsidian? How in the world will we find obsidian?

    Harper: Here! *Throws Obsidian at Peace* 

    Peace: Decide yourself! Which side are you on?

    Harper: the good side!

    Georgia: Then why in the bloody nether would you let PAMA go loose?

    Harper: To stop Hadrian and Mevia!

    Peace: You could've just told us, or maybe Jesse and his gang.

    Harper: I was. But then Ocelot needed a chip and I …

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello guys! Since MCSM The Prequel is over and my new story's first chapter is coming soon, I'm going to let you guys know what you can expect to see!

    • Some romantic moments. (Don't worry, there will be no intense stuff though, I will keep it PG.)
    • A lot of Drama. (This IS based off of Romeo and Juliet after all.)
    • Physical Combat. (It takes place during what I'm calling the first war of Minecraftia, so pretty much a World War.)
    • A Reuben Style Death. (Sorry guys... ;_;)

    • Romeo and Juliet.
    • Minecraft.
    • World War 1, 2, The Korean War, and The Vietnam War. (Don't worry though, there will be nothing innapropriate.)
    • Skyrim.

    So there's some stuff you all can expect!

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    They watched as "Ender" started to swallow Jesse, his screams could be heard, he was eating Jesse like a snake.

    Order ran over to grab Jesse's legs to pull him out, but "Ender"'s centipede tentacle hissed at her, it seemed to have intelligence of its own.

    "Ugh, he looks so disgusting... I think I'm gonna vomit..." Wolf moaned.

    "Guys, get up in the vent, I'll distract him." Anton told them.

    "Alright." Peace responded, Maddox then flicked a lever that opened the iron trap door, leading to the vent.

    Charles dragged a wooden chair/wooden step and placed it below the opening, he climbed into the vent without even looking twice.

    "Come on guys! I'll help you up!" He yelled to the others.

    YouTube grabbed Charles's arm, and he pulled her into the shaft.


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  • Forseer


    June 4, 2017 by Forseer

    Just a commands on my activity

    So, I have decided to finally become active once more, because why not?

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  • Wolfboy231

    The Blooprers for my future game.

    Paul/Paula: Ink for our Machine?

    Vixen: No!

    Pam: HECK NO

    Indigo: I hate ink

    Paul/Paula: Your right. Too much stink.

    Random Bendy Builder Fan: I heard that!

    (Ep 1: A Curtain to Adventure)


    Pam: Jim, the sewers SUCK.

    Jim: Well Pam, this is the only way to Sara-Lee's Lab.

    Paul/Paula: Pam, why didn't you help Vixen then?

    Pam: Because, Im not getting shot in the shoulder by my own arrow!

    Jim: Foreshadowing..

    (Ep 2: Childish Problems)


    Vixen: Paul, your not gonna believe who I found!

    Indigo: Nope. Nobody.

    Vixen: Exactly. We found none of The Terra Cotta Members.

    (Ep 2)


    Indigo: I can't believe we actually destroyed that monster!

    Caveman: Not for long!

    Caveman activates a switch, causing the room to light up and reveal a Bl…

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  • Jagapup

    ( Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't been able to upload lately for the past two weeks. Stuff has been going on at school. However I made the chapter extra long this time. Or maybe it such felt extra long, since it toke so long to write. Anywho,enjoy this week's chapter)

    Gabriel carried Jagapup back into the room,where she and her friends were captured in their cages. Petra, Lukas, Jesse and rest of her gang as well as Jagapup's friends were there. Jaga was so reliefed to see them alive, prehaps that whole scene of the Sclaze killing them all was just a illusion. Jesse,Ivor and the rest of their gang was trying to calm Jagapup's friends. Ivor and Cassie were using healing potions to get them back to full health. Many of them where hugging one ano…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Well guys, with MCSM chapter 2 being finally announced after... How many months has it been? I lost track... I guess this means the wiki will metaphorically "Blow Up" again, hopefully we can get to 300+ pages soon :p

    Anyways, back to my thoughts.

    I'm very relieved and excited that this has been confirmed! I can't wait to see what new things Telltale will be showing us, and I bet it will be just as good as the other season!

    • I want to see Jesse's Gang go on new adventures.
    • I want a new villian in this chapter, since they're getting creative with the villians :).
    • I want Soren, The Blaze Rods, and the rest of the The Order of the Stone (Group) to appear.
    • I want to see betrayal in this season.
    • I want to see a BATIM Easter egg. (They had Undertale Eas…

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  • Domitron3

    I'm not joking, this has been announced on the Australian Classification Board, but no release date yet. Go to the Australian Classification Board's website and be happy and surprised. The reason I did not give a link is because it is not working. 

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  • Wolfboy231

    (This is a new series, yes it was inspired by Ender's MCSM The Prequel)


    Wolf slammed the alarm, Got up, Took a shower, Got on his normal clothes, and Brushed his teeth. Finally, he went downstairs to eat.

    Maria: Morning Wolf! *Hugs Him* You didn't forget today?

    Wolf: Oh.... Right?

    Maria: Our 5 Week Aniversary?

    Order: *Laughs*

    Wolf: >:(

    Slayer: You Forgot! How Hysterical!

    Ender: *Gets up* I gotta work on my fan-game.

    Poli: WAIT! There's somethin out there!

    Giant Ocelots were outside!

    Slayer: Im the Ocelot Slayer! These guys arent getting to us!


    Lever: We are going to need a LOT of Fish.

    The gang went outside to find Aiden riding a Blaze

    Aiden: Well well well. If it isn't little puppy

    Ender: Shut …

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Peace: Ungh! *Throws TNT in air* 

    Sadly, the TNT that was thrown in the air hits Wolf.

    Wolf: OW! *hits the ground*

    Georgia: Wolf!

    Wolf is still well enough to be alive. Peace and Georgia take him into the inside of a mountain for safety.

    Georgia: Wolf... Please... Stay with us.

    Wolf: *Turns to ashes*

    PAMA: Greetings, Friends!

    Georgia: You Little- URrrgh! Jesse ripped out your redstone heart once he can do it again!

    Jesse Female and Male: Is that so?

    Peace: No!!!

    Georgia: We'll just have to do it ourselves!

    PAMA: Unfortunately, for you that is, I have no redstone heart. And you will never know how to destroy me.

    Ocelot: Guys!! Stop struggling, Ocelot. It does no good. PAMA can be defeated by-

    OOOOH! I LOOOOVE cliff hangers

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