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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yes, i did this in JesseFan300's Birthday, this is what i promised in yesterday's blog, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUDE! :D This will be your present! Anyway last time... Lane pointed at something)

    • Everybody sees a chest*

    Steve: It is a chest!

    Jesse: Oh, i wonder what's inside?

    Lane: Hm, i heh could take a look!

    • He opens it*
    • Everybody else seems surprised about what it is*

    Lane: :/... It is empty!

    Steve: Shall we all...

    Lane: A Paper, says... "Look, HARDER!"

    Steve: Well, I am ½ Of this but ok!

    • Everybody looks closer inside the chest and then...*

    The Mysterious One: HA-IAH! *Slams them all 9 with a log*

    All: Oof! *Faints*

    The Mysterious One: >:)!

    • Later, all of them tho yeah heh yes all sleeps somewhere, a dark room, at least not stuck in chairs tho phew this time, …
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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 2: 12 days 'till Christmas...

    Domitron awoke to the blissful quiet of a cold winter night, warm and cozy in his sheets. He blinked, letting his eyes adjust to the dim silver moonlight that was the only light source in the bedroom. Upon drawing himself out of his sleepy thoughts, the teen rose from the bed to go to the bathroom. He knew it was not time to wake anyone up yet. The alarm next to his bed read 4:00 A.M.

    He padded down the carpeted hallway to his bathroom, careful not to make any noise. All the lights remained off. The boy finished his business, gently closed the bathroom door, and began his trek back to his warm bed. Upon arrival, Domitron snuggled up under the covers and shut his eyes. No one had been woken up, and he was…

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  • Jessefan1

    This is my choices that I chose in MCSM Netflix S1E2.

    I decided to use a sword.

    I know that the green part on the amulet means.

    I decided to chase Griefer.

    I chose to give Axel the amulet.

    I told Magnus that we're not griefers.

    I decided that I feel like Magnus doesn't trust me.

    I have to tell Magnus that I will be stuck at the tower if I win.

    I chose Pink Wool.

    I told Magnus that he's going down.

    I told the citizens of Boom Town how are they doing in town.

    I told Petra that I'm glad she's okay.

    I told Ellegaard that she and Magnus need to get along.

    I told Olivia that it's not her fight.

    I told them that he wasn't on the map.

    I told Ellegaard that Olivia's awesome.

    I decided to help Reuben before he falls, but we both fell in.

    I told Lukas thank you.

    I dec…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Is something i know, and i have already said it but to remind others tho i remind others about Cerys have her Birthday this December 13th, Happy Birthday Girl! :D... So, speaking of that, if the rumours are true, JesseFan300 Will have his birthday tomorrow as well? Ya know? Since it is, i promise to work on "Steve's Dangerous Adventure Part 4" Tomorrow! Showing that i want to give him a present as well the fourth well blog of the adventure can be his present so be sure to congrats both of them for having their birthdays and yeah i will work on it tomorrow i promise!

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 1: 13 days 'till Christmas...

    It was Christmas Eve, early in the morning. Freshly fallen snow sprinkled the lawns, roofs, and cars in the area. It sparkled in the delicate rays of tentative dawn sunshine. The only sounds were the quiet chirps of birds and the occasional breeze blowing through. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky; it was peaceful.

    Few homes were lit from within, few people were around this hour. A cozy, cottage-like building with a debatably overabundance of Christmas decorations adorning it was one of these houses. The small, pink Beetle car that sat in the driveway suddenly started up; the engine bursting to life inside the little vehicle. Moments later, two figures emerged from the home, carrying one bag each.

    The small…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    14 days 'till Christmas...

    Now, this is the story of a bunch of kids, who I really should be calling teenagers, but I’m not going to. I also should tell you who these nutjobs are, and fortunately, I’m actually going to do this part. It’s about time we get some decent descriptions for characters. Hold onto your chocolate milk, kids, here we go:

    Order, the three doormats in a pink, fluffy trench-coat. Imagine a pretty small girl with olive skin, long, dark brown hair, and eyes to match the hair. Clothing’s irrelevant, because I’m being told the writer is too lazy to plan the clothing right now. Onto the next!

    Domitron, but we’re doing with Domi because that’s four less letters to type. For this story, he’s going to have dark, black hair, dark e…

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  • GuiFFI

    *** Posted in Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 3 my storytale play by Order of The Female Jesse ***

    MCSM Imagining : Jesse had WIther Sickness

    If he/she has Wither Sickness Jesse would had suffered the same like Petra/Gabriel (the first one, not the amnesia.) I'm sure in this time Reuben would be always with Jesse since he really care about Jesse.And the gangs would try to take care of Jesse too.

    Since it's you who control Jesse's opinions and actions, there would be some choices like :

    • Jesse say he/she needs help / needs to rest a bit

    • Jesse say he/she don't need help / can take care of him/herself / go with the others 

    • Jesse say he/she doesn't go with the gang for defeat the Witherstorm 

    •  Jesse say he/she go with the gang for defeat the Wit…

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  • Bingo Boi

    MCSM dead?

    December 10, 2018 by Bingo Boi

    Now, I'm new to MCSM and I already feel like the fandom is dead. Is there a more lively place to visit to meet with people of the same fandom? Or is this it?

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Ok, i finally do it ok? Just like i promised, JesseFan300! Sorry i forgot before ok? I was busy, and distracted irl and that is why, but this time i focus on blog!)

    • So, where was we... Everybody is looking for an exit after being rescued from a cage*

    Lukas: So... Eh, where are we off to?

    Lane: Well, the exit of course, but... Idk where to find it! My map says otherwise! :/ Hm.. *The map mostly shows maze very sure they ain't in one but they can't get out!* *K he watch people on camera* If only i had... A dark map or something then we would be out fast!

    Steve: Hm, watch out for traps, they could be here any...

    • Then a hole on the ground appears and all of them falls down*

    All: AAAAAH!

    • They all lands and i think they are ok*

    Steve: Traps!

    Axel: Could…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (I edited everything i said! What i said was wrong, i was not honest!)

    Ok the truth is... He said i was the best friend he ever had that is the truth so but the bad news eh is the bad news is my tounge looks bad or something is it either need water or do i got it because i eat too much candy and sugar maybe well also JesseFan300 Is a good friend, that is the truth! But anyway, i will work on the story now!

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  • Jessefan1

    This is the choices that I will choose from Episode 1 of MCSM Netflix, so I will put the choices in the other episodes as well.

    Them 1: Jesse's Gang

    I choosed 2 Pies.

    I chosed Female Jesse.

    I chosed Chicken-Sized Zombies.

    I told Axel that it wasn't funny.

    I told them that Gabriel was awesome.

    I chose to build a Creeper.

    I chose the Order of the Pig.

    I told Lukas to make the best team win.

    I chose the Warrior Whip.

    I went to look down in the well.

    I went to the bush and a chicken popped out.

    I went to see the pigs.

    I went to the smoke trail, but saw Reuben's costume burned up.

    I went to the Tall Grass to find Reuben.

    I told Reuben to stay close.

    I told Petra that I'm all in.

    I crafted a Sword, but only a stone one.

    I chose to jump off the bridge.

    I told Olivia…

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  • RYGOR12345

    Comment on any you noticed!

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  • GuiFFI

    What I Learnt from MCSM.

    November 30, 2018 by GuiFFI

    [You can use this theme for show your opinion! Just put on your blog title : " What I Learnt from MCSM "]

    I wanted to do a fun personal opnion about what I've learnt from MCSM! 

    Before to start, this game made me incredible feelings : happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, confused, etc..

    It's one of the best game I've ever played of my life and I don't even regret to have played it many times! The game brought me to a fantastic experience of choices of actions and of personalities.

    So let's start with 10 things MCSM learnt me! :

    We all know MInecraft Story Mode is a game of destiny and choices, but many persons doesn't know how to react through people in real life. This game show not matter how the situation you have always time to think, you ca…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • The clouds are more than looking like rain clouds! They are super black and looks like the power from eels are in them making blue shocking light*

    Steve: They doesn't look like rain clouds! They have some blue light like if it come from eels!

    Lane: Hey, i noticed i still have my armor! :D I am invincible! The thunder won't stand a chance to...

    • He got hit by the eel light*

    Steve: LANE! D: Are you alright?

    Lane: I... Think... So... *Then he disappear*

    Everybody: LANE! D:

    Lukas: Is he dead?

    Petra: I hope not... :(

    Steve: Yeah, me neither!

    Lukas: Look! I think i is... I can see somebody in the clouds? *They see an enemy hiding in them*

    Steve: Your right, i think i...

    Jesse: Whatever it is we need to find out what.. *Jesse got stung too*

    • He disappears*

    All: …

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  • GuiFFI
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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Sigh ok rlly, JesseFan300 3_3 He wanted me to do it so duh badly just... JesseFan300 Or right or Jesse Dudes so duh k wanted the adventure today so yes sorry i didn't do it tho before it starts now!)

    • We see a beach in the world of Minecraft where Steve is there with his friends*
    • We see Steve and Petra so far walking*

    Petra: *Smells the beach* Ah, isn't this beautiful, Steve? It smells wonderful too!

    Steve: Uh, yeah heh yeah it is! :D..

    Petra: Ya know why we was here?

    Steve: Why?

    Petra: Ya don't, ok... Take a bath of course yeah we take a bath!

    Steve: Right!

    Petra: Now wait until i dress up!

    • She is going to get in some small house or restroom in the beach*

    Steve: Ok! :P.. :(

    Petra: Steve? Something's wrong?

    Steve: No, can i... Be inside too? :D

    Petra: W…

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  • Jessefan1

    I changed my profile picture since yesterday, but I kept the previous profile picture for a couple of months, so I decided that I want to change my profile picture, and also I hadn't made a blog since my Second Wikiaversary. So I decided because I changed my profile picture. So what do you guys think of my new profile picture?

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Sigh ok then guys, as reguested by... "JesseFan300!" He told me a plot tho, Adventure called "Steve's Dangerous Adventure!" And he said a plot too, Sorry Samuel, i know ya wanted me to decide myself, still... I can do "The Mega-Adventure" After this, and sorry this is not Part One, i just wanna announce the adventure first, what do i think off? Ok listen now man listen guys! JesseFan300 said this: "I Think It Should be called "Steves Dangerous Adventure" The Plot Should be its just a normal day no adventure but then a new villain comes and threatens to destroy the world and its up to Steve and some of his friends to stop him/her. You can make up the rest from there if you choose this." Yeah sorry, i just copy and paste it here, because i w…

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Finale

    November 20, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Lane: AHHHHHHH GUYS HELP M-m-m-e-e-e-

    Lane turns into a shadow*

    Gavin: Ugh now he is just a normal shadow why do you have to be *voice goes to demon voice* SO ANNOYING

    All of the people who faded come back*

    The Normal people are sent back to the normal dimension the others get blasted into the far lands*

    Jesse looks at viewers*

    Jesse: So this is a little crazy but this was what we were wishing for I guess?

    • everything goes back to normal*

    Gavin: TAKE THIS!

    He teleports Lainey,Jesse,Steve and Stevie to a prison*

    Gavin: I Made a deal a while back with former admin romeo and he agreed to let me use his new prison its way better than the old one

    Lane as a shadow appears*

    Lane: what is a prisoner's favorite punctuation mark? A period cause it marks the end …

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Part 7

    November 18, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Lane: Oof 

    • Lane looks at his arm and the shadow is half way up his arm:

    Jesse: You ok?

    Lane hides his arm*

    Lane: Yup just fine....

    Lane looks at the viewers and everything freezes*

    Lane: Trust me you would have done the same thing if this was happening to you I didnt want to make such a big deal where I put everyone in danger

    Everything unfreezes*

    Lainey: Hm

    Gracie: Huh Where am I

    Jessie: Hm your the alternate version of him

    Jessie points to grayson*

    Grayson: Hm.

    Camera switches back over to Lane*

    Lane: oof 

    Lane picks up his sword but it fades away when he grabs it*

    Lane: HUH?!?!?!?!?

    Both of Lanes arms and legs are both shadows*


    Before Lane could figure that out he was a shadow up to his neck*

    Lane: Huh

    Gavin Appears*

    Gavin: HA…

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  • CerysAngelGirl

    As I have to go to school on my birthday and I have a busy evening planned too, I created this blog early so we can celebrate my special day together as well as the final countdown to it. Hoping that you will all join me for this very special occasion. CERYS SKYE ROBERTSON.BORN FRIDAY 13TH DECEMBER 2002. CELABRATING TURNING SWEET 16 ON THURSDAY 13TH DECEMBER 2018. ♐️🎂🍂 My birthday party with my schoolfriends will be on the evening of Saturday 15th December 2018.

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Part 6

    November 17, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Lane: What No!


    Everything freezes but Lainey and Lane*

    Lainey turns to viewer*

    Lainey: Its Times Like These that make me worried about what these people can do with these super powers!

    Lane: Uh Lainey

    Lainey: What?

    Lane: What are you looking at?

    Lainey: Oh The Viewers

    Lane looks at viewer*

    Lane: Oh Hi!

    Lane waves*

    Everything unfreezes*

    Steve: So what now

    Stevie: Ya

    A rift opens from the sky*

    Stevie: GUYS LOOK!

    Someone falls out of rift*

    ???: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *hits ground* Oof

    All: Who are you!?!?!?!?

    ???: My name is Grayson

    Grayson: I come because Im from your dimension!

    Lainey: Ours?

    Lane: Or ours?

    Grayson points to Lane and says yours*

    Gavin appears out of nowhere*

    • Graysons alternate for…
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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Goodbye, Telltale

    November 16, 2018 by Gerald-XR-Donovan

    It's me again. I've been inactive for some months now primarily due to my loss of interest in Minecraft and Minecraft Story Mode (I turned 14 a few months ago so I'm old now). With the recent liquidation of Telltale Games, it's fitting for me to write a little eulogy before leaving probably forever.

    I came to know Telltale in 2010 when I got the Wallace and Gromit game either for Christmas or my Birthday. I was 6 and remember literally nothing about it lol. I just remember enjoying it so much and playing all four episodes.

    Then came 2013 when I learned more about the company. I had watched 400 Days in August and thought it was alright. I played The Wolf Among Us in October and loved it. Then I watched Season 2 and stuck around for all five e…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Sigh, hey! Hi! Guys! It is me, Is it me? Is! I am Steve, The Minecraftian! And today i ask you in this short blog, do any of ya want me to plan a new adventure blog? yes this time man... Eh this time i want any of you be a winner and... If ya want, this time ya can ask me to do a blog adventure, pls tell me the title and what will happen in it, then i can do it, for you guys! Well eh, depends who answer first, or if just one person enters this blog uh is this the time? This time pls feel free to say the title and tell me what ya want to happen?

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  • RYGOR12345

    MCSM Netflix

    November 11, 2018 by RYGOR12345

    How does one watch it???

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Well yeah, idk i am also out of ideas, and i should explain tho the ingredients for the foods on my list how to do it in Minecraft, but maybe i am too lazy or ya can guess, ask me one of these i can tell ya ok? So here includes all cool kinds of food, drinks, lunch, candy, drinks, etc.

    "Top 10 Food that should be added in Minecraft!"

    (Now, now... Now ya i try my best, even drinks counts, and maybe candy too!)

    10: Coconuts!

    (Coconuts can be added if Coconut trees was added, or palm trees, ya know? Ya can drink Coconut milk i think!)

    9: Bananas!

    (Bananas will also be added in Palm Trees, they can be eaten the way it is... If ya could uh peel if it works in Minecraft, ya can either eat it with the peel on, or ya can peel the peel off, just like irl…

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  • I Love Pokemon 5000

    Below the bedrock:

    I ended up going to Xara's world.

    I refused the savenger's deal because I reasoned if we throw our swords up to them. They will leave and not help us. or attack us with our swords we gave them. Jack fell off the cliff. 

    I won the trivia contest in my associate outfit. 

    I took no armor at the challenge magma golem. 

    I promised Petra that I will be at her side regardless. 

    I gave Xara her bed. 

    I took Fred's people to the surface.

    Above and Beyond:

    I found stella. 

    I said nothing to lukas and then hugged him. 

    I talked to the admin(I didn;t fight him)

    I took down the admin.

    I brought him back alive to the overworld and warned him that Xara might kill him but he knows and thanked me that he got brought back to the world alive and went d…

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  • I Love Pokemon 5000

    Hero in Residence:

    I was cacuasian male/female Jesse. 

    I was nice to RADAR

    I was on time for Petra.

    I helped her take down the spiders. 

    I didn't blame her for her lost sword.

    I snuck my way in.

    This was a hard choice to find out which armor to take. I chose Tim's armor because that one wasn't the order of the stone's armor and it actually had a helmet. 

    I let radar be in charge of Beacontown. His reaction is pretty funny. 

    I emphaized for Jack after seeing Sammy's Inventory. 

    I took Arrow Tower. 

    Giant Consequences:

    I let radar guard the clock. He could manage a town so he can manage a clock

    I played it cool with the admin as much as possible. 

    I went with Lukas and Radar. 

    I hugged Radar. (Why not?)

    I helped Stella from the ice. 

    I sent Petra to destroy …

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Part 5

    November 3, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Gavin: Not so fast

    Gavin uses powers to choke Lane*

    Lane: N-O  P-PL-EA-SE  S-S-TO-P


    Steve: Jesse lets attack Gavin quick!

    Jesse pulls out sword*

    Jesse: Ok!

    Steve pulls out sword and they both run at Gavin*

    Jesse: A-H-H-H

    Gavin is choking Jesse*

    Lane: Oh thank goodness


    Steve and Lane both hit Gavin*


    Gavin teleports away*

    All: NOOOO He got away!

    Stevie: Oof

    Lukas and Lucy: We have to find him!

    Jesse and Jessie: Ya.... STOP SAYING EVERYTHING I SAY STOP!!!!!!!!

    Lukas,Lucy,Petra,Peter,Ivor and Ivy all fade away*


    To Be Continued 

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Part 4

    November 2, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Lainey: Hold on let me try something

    Lainey lifts up her hand and sucks the Mad energy out of steve and shoots it into the sky*

    Steve: Ah-

    Lane: Wow

    Jessie and Jesse: Nice Job! Stop Repeating Everything I say- STOP THAT!

    A random rift appears out of nowhere*

    All: AH!

    Ivor: Sometimes coming out of their

    Petra and Peter: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Someone steps out of rift*

    Camara goes to Lanes face*

    Lane: :O It cant be-

    ???: Thats Right Its me

    It shows Gavin walking out of the rift all dressed in black and has  red skin and hair is on fire*

    Steve: So It really did shoot into the Heavens

    Gavin: Hahahahahaha!

    Stevie: TAKE THIS!

    Stevie runs at him with sword and Gavin breaks it in half*

    Gavin: Haha!

    Gavin summons a sword and r…

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  • PetraFan209


    October 31, 2018 by PetraFan209

    So I'm new in this wiki hi

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Part 3

    October 30, 2018 by JesseFan300


    Jessie: Calm Down Me- Jesse

    Petra And Peter: Ooooooooooooooof

    Lainey: Ahhhhhh

    Fat Wither Admin Wizard uses a wand before he dies and zaps steve into the ground*

    Steve: ahhhhhhh

    Jesse: huh whats happenin-

    Jesse's Anger Ghost goes in Steve*

    Others: AHHHHHHHH

    Lane starts to wake up*

    Lane: ugh I feel dizzy

    Lainey helps him up*

    They both stare at each other*

    Both: huh how?

    They see red in each others eyes*

    Both: We can both do that?

    Both: YA!

    Jesse: Guys over there!

    Petra,Peter,Lukas,Lucy,Ivor and Ivy all Fade away*

    Others: AH

    Jessie: NOOOOOOOOO

    Stevie:Uh guys

    Steve is hold a sword up to Stevies neck*

    Others: AHHHHHH

    Laineys Eyes turn red*

    Lanes mind: Hm so did she just make that happen  wow let me try

    Lane: Let me help out

    Lanes eyes turn red*

    Lainey: Let…

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  • I Love Pokemon 5000

    Episode 7: Access Denied

    I got to the world aplogized to Petra (Jetra is happening)

    I cooperated with PAMA

    I found out Harper was a old builder. 

    The biggest choice of all time, who do I save from the clutches of PAMA first? 

    I chose both in alternative game play. (Believe me, it's much different one way to the other, LUKTRA still exists)

    I chose the leaping potion to destroy the PAMA guards. 

    I defended Harper.

    Episode 8: A journey's end

    I got to the world and saved Petra during Spleef.

    I got to Hadrian's in time(I waited until the time ran out) making Slab happy because I didn't make him late(lapis doesn't drop in my inventory when I get killed)

    I convinced the competitors to side against Hadrian. Tim wasn't real.

    Slab helped me in the fight. 

    I defe…

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  • I Love Pokemon 5000

    Episode 2:

    I attacked the ghast with a sword.

    I went to Redstonia and Boomtown in alternative game play.

    At Redstonia I crafted a repeater and said yes to build a command block.

    I got out of there alive and we left the temple at night to avoid the witherstorm. 

    At Boomtown I called myself the destroyer 

    I got out of there alive and we left the temple at night to avoid the witherstorm. 

    EPisode 3:

    After fighting Ivor, I dug down into the mob grinder. 

    I saved Petra from the mobs

    But the most pivotal moment of all time:

    I chose to wear the hero's armor I didn't seek out in episode 3. 

    Episode 4:

    After going to the farlands.

    I decided to fight the witch in the swamp with a sword. 

    I got over there and built a diamond pickaxe. 

    When I was male Jesse I took en…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    The Bad News is... Idk how Season 3 Will be or The Netflix Series!

    Good News is... Season Three comes and The Netflix Series maybe is, or maybe that we have a third Season is bad or a Netflix Show since Season Two ended emotionally!

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  • Becky MCPE


    "It'll be short" they said

    Unfortunately this isn't part five, sorry, it's just a part giving perspectives from characters that will appear in the future, or characters that lived before the events of the series. I am super sorry that it is taking so long for part 5, I have lost all my progress twice in a row and am rewriting it for the third time, this time in my notes app, so hopefully it will be the last time I have to rewrite it.

    "Where could my son have gone? I wonder..." Daddy said. I covered my mouth, giggling. I was hiding in a log. He would never find me here. "Could he be under the rock? No. How about... behind this tree?" I was laughing at this point. "BOO!" I saw my dad peek through the log, and I escaped i…

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Part 2

    October 26, 2018 by JesseFan300

    Jesse: So uhhhh What Kind of bad guys you have around here... Me- I mean Jessi- Well your kinda me so-

    Jessie: We Do have Fat Wither Admin Wizard he shows up way to much

    Lainey: Tell me about it that dude just ugh!

    Peter and Petra: Hmmmmmm

    Steve: Well how did we get here


    All Alternate Forms: Wha-

    Laineys Eyes Glow Red Then She floats and summons six swords and here fist glows*

    Lanes Mind: Woah She can do it too!

    • Lane gets shocked*

    Lane: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Jesse: Lane!

    Petra: Oh Snap

    Lanes robot arm keeps shocking him*

    Lane: Shut- It- Off-

    Robot arm: Shutting down

    Robot arm shuts off*

    Lane passes out but they think he is dead*

    Lainey punches Fat Wither Admin Wizard and defeats him then she turns…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Sigh, yes! Latest Blog before this: "What if Steve Worked in Mojang's Office" Sigh, (So Steve did not get answers, two days before this blog so maybe two days... Anyway, but nobody come i remake!) So, no... This time i type all titles, and can ya comment this time and guess all of them yes try to try!

    1: Craftanic

    2: The Minecraftian King

    3: Dragons

    4: Craft Up

    5: Steveladdin

    6: Minecraftian Story

    7: King Golem

    8: Steve and Olivia

    9: The Craftrix

    10: Steve Gump (Yeah... Uh what rhymes with Gump btw? Well, something is so?)

    11: Craft To The Future

    12: Steve and the Cake Factory

    13: Craft and Furious

    14: Steve Potter

    15: The Super Steve Bros. Game (And.... This Movie is the only one in this list who... Got low ratings, opposite to the others i did a parody…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    What advice did you give to Jack when he met Ivor? I told Jack to 'be himself'.

    "You may call him... Jack."

    Did you destroy the Admin's statue? I left the Admin's statue and kept Nell safe.

    "To keep Nell safe and prevent all peoples in Beacontown to teleport."

    How did you confront the Admin in his tower? I tried to reason with the Admin.

    "It's over admin."

    Did you leave Romeo behind in the Terminal Space? I took Romeo with you.

    "I wouldn't live myself without him, trapped in there."

    Did you remain in Beacontown or leave with Petra? I stayed in Beacontown.

    "See ya Petra." :(

    All choices are copyrighted to: Above and Beyond.

    None (currently).

    Your Female White 'Loyal' Jesse (Message us) 12:55, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

    Above and Beyond

    Minecraft: Story Mode -…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Did you accept the scavenger's deal? I accepted the scavenger's deal.

    "I saved Jack from falling off the cliffs."

    Did you win the trivia contest? I won the trivia contest in Fred's Keep.

    "Win the trivia."

    What did you say to Petra? I promised to wait for Petra.

    "I always have time to wait for you Petra."

    Did you give Xara her bed? I gave Xara her bed.

    "To prevent Xara's death in Season 2 Episode 5."

    Who did you bring to the surface? I brought Fred's people to the surface.

    "Save Fred's people! Radar will be back in Season 2 Episode 5."

    All choices are copyrighted to: Below the Bedrock.

    None (currently).

    Your Female White 'Loyal' Jesse (Message us) 12:54, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

    Below the Bedrock

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Wikipedia

    MCSM Choices from S2E4 (By: …

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  • JesseFan300

    Dimensions Part 1

    October 21, 2018 by JesseFan300

    ​​​​​( This is a spin off of The Great Rescue that takes place right after Steve In Tennessee Enjoy)

    Lane: Yay Im back home Texas is so pretty 

    Lane Stares off in the distance*

    Big words that say Dimensions are in the sky*

    Lane: Ah most of the time its hot but- why is it so cold?

    Lanes pulls out phone*

    Lane: its not even winter its- Summer? let me check the news

    Lane looks at news*

    Lane: HMMMMMM

    Lane runs home*

    The credits keep going by*

    Lane: Oh I guess its just really cold for some reason Oh whats this

    Lane see's a news alert that says scientists found a way to teleport people to other dimensions*

    Lane: Thats weird it also says something weird is happening to the portal that teleports you- Huh A breaking news? Something went wrong and it sucks up 7 o…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Radar was being tortured as leverage... Did you agree to work for the Warden? I refused to work for the Warden.


    Geoff the Mooshroom was not allowed to stay... Did you shear him? I refused the Warden's order.

    "Jesse does seems like a good people."

    You had to convince Stella to help you... How did she respond to your request? Me has Stella on the inside of Romeo's circle of trust.

    "I got your back Jesse. And you take care of my Llama."

    Xara left you in her booby-trapped cell... Who did you leave behind? I left Nurm behind.

    "At least, we have a Llama."

    Xara ran ahead during the escape... Did you stick together? I stayed behind to help Xara.

    "We need to regroup with Xara!"

    All choices are copyrighted to: Jailhouse B…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Who did you ask to guard the clock? I left Radar to guard the clock.

    "Radar wants to guard the clock. So I let him do it."

    When Petra told you she was looking for a meaning, what advice did you give her? I told her that adventure is her calling.

    "Of course I need you Petra. That's ridiculous."

    Who did you follow once you were inside the Admin's Icy Palace of Despair? I went with Lukas and Radar.

    "It's about team balancing."

    Who was doomed to become the Admin's new champion after you sent them to smash the clock? I chose Petra to destroy the clock.

    "Go on Petra. You can do it!"

    What did you do when Stella asked you to free her from the Admin's icy clutches? I had mercy and freed Stella.

    "We have to free Stella!"

    All choices are copyrighted to: Giant Co…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Sigh, yeah... Now i do a blog again, i did yesterday, now too! Well, well yes this is for fun tho, in this blog it is if Steve was working in Mojang and he created games, right he created games but Notch still works??? Well? I guess Notch hires Steve, Notch is still owning it so Steve is his sidekick or something, maybe Jeb gets fired? But seriously these games Steve decide they have cutscenes ya know a story so these games Steve creates is based on movies so duh based on popular ones and the name and scenes i am gonna show ya should make ya guess and can ya pls guess in comments for my blog?)

    • Anyway, now we see Steve's house and inside it he is watching computer and video title "Minecraft Epic Fails!" (This video don't exist i guess since…
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  • JesseFan300

    The Great Rescue Finale

    October 18, 2018 by JesseFan300

    (Officaly The Last Part of The Great Rescue if I have more fun then ever on this there may be a spin off ;) ok now ENJOY!) 

    Lane: Lukas,Petra,Ivor!

    They all fade*


    Steve: Wait how come we did not fade away

    Lane: Idk

    Something is in the sky that looks like the rifts they time travel in*

    Steve: Woah

    Gavin comes falling out of it*

    Gavin lands on his face*

    All but Gavin: GAVIN?!??!!?!?

    Gavin: Hey guys!

    Jesse: How?

    Gavin: When you got teleported I got teleported too its just I didnt see what you did before it started raining I got sucked into a time rift

    Others: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Hazardly: Hello? did you forget about me

    Lane: Oh ya We will stop you!

    Hazardly: Oh yeah?

    Steve: Oh no that aint good

    Jesse: What?

    The other side of the world is star…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Sigh, well guys! now is the LAST Part of "Steve in Tennessee!" And well last part Fat Hating Guy is ready to attack Steve and Petra but so are they so will the heroes win or will villain?)

    Fat Hating Guy:.. >:(

    Steve and Petra: -_-

    • All three is really prepared and is gonna surprise attack, right now! Yes!*

    Steve: *Jumps at Fat Hating Guy* YAAAAAAAAH! *Jumps on his stomach and Steve punch his head very fast*

    Fat Hating Guy: :( OW! X3 (X Means so how well yes how many times he said it so, how many times X3 Means three, if interested??..)

    • Petra sneaks behind Fat Hating Guy and kicks his butt*

    Fat Hating Guy: AAAH! D:... >:(

    • The Fat Guy grabs Petra and is looking like he gonna crush her but Steve bite his hand so yeah!*

    Fat Hating Guy: AAAAAH! D:


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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    How did you get into Stella's treasure room and retrieve Petra's sword? I chose to sneak.

    "I chose to sneak-in."

    When Petra was nervous to meet her hero, how'd you tell her to act? I chose to tell Petra to be herself.

    "The best thing to do around, is to be yourself Petra."

    Did you think Radar was up to the task of temporarily running Beacontown? I chose to leave Radar in charge.

    "Try not to explode..."

    Which Structure Block did you think would be most helpful against the Heckmouth? I chose the Arrow Tower.

    "Tower defence. Get it?"

    Did you assist Jack with his Prismarine foes or help Petra save her beloved sword? I helped Petra.

    "Petra my best friend. We known each other for a long time."

    All choices are copyrighted to: Hero in Residence.

    None (curren…

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  • Becky MCPE

    Part 4: Poison

    October 18, 2018 by Becky MCPE

    Btw, NO I WILL NOT BE ADDING THE GREAT FAIRIES!!!! I'm all about creepy, and pushing the kid-friendly rating to it's absolute limit, but that oversteps even my boundaries, plus describing their appearances in vivid detail would get me banned in a heartbeat :P, also don't look up what they look like, for your sake.

    Okay done with my daily rant.

    I looked at the mask. It had pupil-less, (that even a word?) yellow eyes drooping downward, as if it looked sad. It had 3 leaves on the top of it's head. It had a short snout like I did as a Deku Scrub. It's wooden texture felt rough on my fingers.

    "You want to try it on now?" Tatl said. I shook my head, "Not right now, I want to be human for a little longer." I said (WN: The transformation masks are…

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  • JesseFan300

    Lane: Uhhhhhh-

    Time God: Wait I need my prisoner to watch us

    Jesse gets teleported there out of no where*

    Steve: Oh Hey Jesse

    Jesse: Hey! 

    Petra: Jesse!

    Jesse: Where is Gavin

    Ivor: Oh you mean that other dude yeah heeeee uh lets just say blah blah blah wither storm blah blah blah time travel

    Jesse: okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..........................


    Lane: Uhhhhhhhh

    A microphone drops infront of his face*

    Lane: Ummmmm Ahem ok here go-

    Lane tries to grab the microphone but his hand goes through it*

    Lane: huh

    Lukas: uh did anyone else just see his han-

    Steve: His hand went through it?

    Jesse: Did that..... really just......... happen....... how

    Lane: hold on a second

    Lane remembers hearing the dark rooms were all illusions*

    Lane: This isnt real


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