• Jessefan1

    My wikiaversary is about over a month away. Because i joined since September 24th, 2016. But this is a early Wikiversary for me from August 21, 2017-September 23, 2017. So make sure to give me a early Wikiaversary during those times.

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello guys, it's official, I joined this wiki one year ago today :P.

    Some users I would like to thank for tolerating me for a whole year!:

    • Domitron3.
    • Order of the Command Block.
    • FishTimeWinslow.
    • Wolfboy231.
    • LnerdGirl55.
    • Alex.sapre.
    • SteveBobMinecraftPants.
    • Policiamalo.
    • Ocelotslayer.
    • The Lever.
    • Miles.
    • Becky MCPE.
    • Jessefan1.
    • Jesse The Pig Master.
    • A Sarcastic Meme.
    • SomeoneOnTheInternet.
    • DatBeardyGuy.
    • And so many more people, if you aren't on the list, don't take it personally, I can't fit everyone on the list!

    As I said, I thank you all who have taken the time to be my friend through this year! And I appreciate those of you who consider me a friend!

    As I said in the title, I've decided to do a little, Q&A for this special blog.

    Here are some questions that I'm expe…

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  • SamuelTheHedgehogYD

    here is the whole thingy

    I tell ivor  you wont get away with this

    I dropped the amulet into the floor (i hate getting attacked by bats)

    Axel and Reuben got helped

    I let lukas lead the way

    i didnt high-five reuben

    I telled the secret to lukas

    I listened to soren every record

    i agreed to be friends with soren

    i helped every survivor


    Share your choices!

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  • Jessefan1

    Steve`s back

    August 19, 2017 by Jessefan1

    I having a feeling that Steve is back everyone, becuase i hadn`t seen him on this Wikia for over 2 weeks due to his ban. I had school, so i won`t be talking to Steve that much until the weekends.

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  • BadTimeNico

    My wikiversary

    August 19, 2017 by BadTimeNico

    So, it's been a year since I joined this wiki and (I think) wiki in general. You guys are the nicest beings in the world and you welcomed me in this fandom and you treat me like I belonged with you. I want to thank you all!

    Sorry if I'm too cheesy, that's just my true nature. xD

    I love you guys and I love this community and honestly you can be the best friends in the world. I want to thank especially:

    • Order 

    - Thank you SO much for helping me and being nice to me, you're awesome.

    • Oce

    - You Oce are just so cool and funny and we get along very well ! xD

    • Dom

    - You're quite a funny person and you care about people as much as you love to annoy them with your memes! xD (your memes are okay, I guess.) You are just amazing.

    • Lnerd

    - You are literally a mom i…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    I'm Sorry!!!

    August 18, 2017 by XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    I'm sorry I have been inactive a couple of days. Wifi broke down. Sorry again! I am back now and here to stay!!!!!!

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  • Becky MCPE Treehouse. Cookies. Crazy laughter. "You truly don't have what it takes to be my cookie."

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    "What's going on here?" asked Jesse.

    "Short version? The end of the world. Story? A certain individual knows who they are. They caused a potion to go everywhere, causing an unknown infection to become airbourne. Everybody has it. Even you and me. It's just how we die that shows it. You get bitten by a zombie? You become a zombie. You die without having your brain destroyed? You become a zombie. How to survive? Stay away from the zombies!" explained Gerald.

    Jesse got the chills.

    "People who are unworthy don't last long," continued Gerald.

    He pointed at a pile of bones.

    "Good luck, buddy," he finished.

    "Did my friends make it?" asked Jesse.

    "Depends. Who are your friends?" asked Gerald.

    "Axel, Olivia, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor," replied Jesse.

    "Oh yeah,…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Recently, in Episode 10: Giant Consequences we discover that the real Vos died years prior to the series.

    However, I've been confused by this. Before the big revelation, we can see both Vos and The Admin in the same panel.

    Also, when Vos explains how he survived trapped for so long, he doesn't stutter or say something wrong, a common instinct while lying.

    If you go with Petra, the Admin's creations attack Vos who we know is actually the Admin. We never hear him staging this, however.

    So, is Vos actually dead?

    Here's an headcanon to support this theory:

    The Vos we see in Eps 1 and 2 is actually real. When he fell in Episode 2, the Admin took this as an opportunity to imprison Vos once more and disguise as him. The Admin would use this to catch th…

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  • Jessefan1

    When i was asking Georgia if i want to befriend the Admin when he destroyed Reuben`s Memorial and i said no, and then i somehow got a luckiest 104,000 edit on Wikia.

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  • Jetrashipper

    Shipper: How's it hangin folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and BOONGA-BANGA-BONGA! This is Ask or Dare with Episode 39! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick! And my Wiki co-host, OOTCB!

    OOTCB, Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooooooooo Wikia!

    Shipper: So, before I start on the dares and questions, I would LOVE to give a shout out to Michioreo123 from Deviantart for your lovely comic!

    Nikki: Huh. You haven't done a shout-out before. At least, not one I can remember. What's the occasion?

    Shipper: >:D What else? SHIPPING! PAMA, show us the comic, "A Date(?) Night" please!


    Radar: O//////O...U-Um, wow...should I be flattered, embarassed, or angry?

    Nikki: *eye twitching* HOW DARE YOU POST THIS ON AoD?!

    Shipper: BECAUSE I CAN! MUAH-HAHA! Now, since th…

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  • Domitron3

    So this will be my choices from Ep2 of S2.

    • Who did you let guard the clock?
      • I let Radar guard the clock.
    • What did you say to Petra about her meaning?
      • I told her that adventure is her calling.
    • Who did you follow in The Admin's Palace of Despair?
      • I went with Lukas and Radar.
    • Who did say should destroy the clock?
      • I let Jack destroy the clock.
    • Did you free Stella?
      • I freed Stella.

    What did you guys do?

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  • Domitron3

    MCSM S2, Ep2 Update.

    August 16, 2017 by Domitron3


    I recently heard the Xbox One and PS4 ports of Ep2 haven't been working for some people, but I reached out to the TTG Product Support Service and this is the reponse:

    So now it should be working. Let me hear your guys' response if it works.

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  • Georgia3904

    littl' question

    August 15, 2017 by Georgia3904

    im thinking of reviewing the new eps as they come out (Why? idk for fun)

    sooo, wat you guys think/want?

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  • Domitron3

    Like the title says, it is out worldwide. So add the stuff from Ep2 all you like.

    Happy editing to all!

    Domitron3 Local Moderator 05:07, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello friends! I'm back with a... Quite different blog this time around, I had this idea for a while, and today I decided: Hey why not? So, here we are!

    So, you take an episode from Season 1, (Adventure Pass included.) and you rewrite it however you want! No limits!

    • It doesn't have to be Telltaleish.
    • It must have the bare minimum plot. (For example: If you did Order Up! You'd have to keep "Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor go through a portal to a strange city to find a treasure.)
    • You must state what characters and mobs are in it.
    • You must have at least 5 major choices.
      • You must also have the outcome/results of the choices.
    • If you aren't going to do anything, please do not sign up for this.
    • HAVE FUN!
    • Contest ends on August 28th 2017.
      • There will be a poll…

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  • Galaxycore

    i need help......

    August 14, 2017 by Galaxycore

    i cant think of a song for a new video. Could somebody please help me with that?

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  • Georgia3904

    all i can say is;

    i was not ready.

    For any of it.

    edit: flipping eck, my feelings are so hurt.

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  • Jagapup

    My favorite part is the when Stacy and Stampy just even Radar the intense stare when he mentions cookies.

    Link here in case of it doesn't work out:

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  • Wolfboy231

    Jetra and Charles searched the mall, thinking why it was abandoned.

    Suddenly, the lights came on, and popped out of stores, EVERYWHERE!

    Jetra: What the-?

    Suddenly, A voice came from above,


    Charles: Test?!? More like Death-Trap!

    They got their weapons out and began to fight the monsters.

    Meanwhile, Miles searched the Order Hall, for users and possibly treasure (90% for Treasure)

    Miles: Jussttttt oneeee treasureeee

    He grabbed The Atlas

    "Aw Man, a Book?! Ugh, hey, Poli?"

    Poli was looking out the window of the OH

    Miles: I thought you guys were dead, I-

    Poli turned around, to be MIND CONTROLLED.

    Miles: What the-?


    The Doors in the OH closed

    Miles: Uhhhh, Open! Uhhh MAGNUS HELP!



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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Jesse ran through the forest, visibly shaken by the sight he just saw. He felt like such a coward. As an entire group of people were torn open and devoured by a herd of zombies, he was too scared by the thought of losing his own life, and ran. He just ran.

    "What have I done?" he asked himself.

    He couldn't let his guilt eat him up just like the zombies, he had to run. He had to run and save himself now. There were too many. They were surrounding him. This was the end. He had nowhere to run. He was too paralyzed to move. The only thing on his mind was how many people he didn't tell them that he cared about them. Axel, Olivia, Petra, Lukas. He didn't say goodbye to any of them before he left.

    As the horde of zombies surrounded them. Jesse felt e…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Credit to Gerald-XR-Donovan for the statues in part 1.

    Hello Wikia!

    I have set a new challenge now that there are over 100 possible looks for Jesse:

    • Build one type of Jesse.
    • Build this type in all 11 armors
    • Build every SIGNIFICANT character in te series (No one off charaters, YouTubers, or mobs)

    This blog will be a little journal for my progress!

    The type of Jesse will be Caucasian Male since that seems to be the "default" look.

    See ya!

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  • DatBeardyGuy

    "Do you believe in nightmares?"

    "I do."

    "I have been haunted by these oily shadows, ghastly figures, tormenting me every night."

    "I wasn't exactly the popular guy in school, I was simply that guy who people loved to hate."

    "So if I die here, nobody would care."


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  • Order of the Command Block

    Kind of a prediction-fiction Jesse-centric oneshot.

    I'm going with my Jesse, so he/she will be female here.

    Key: Normal text.

    Normal thoughts.

    ' Admin/Gauntlet telepathy '.

    "Being a hero isn't all it's cracked up to be."

    It was such a common quote. It was so easily tossed around. Jesse outright refused to say it. She wouldn't let that cursed phrase slip out.

    Jesse had never been one for attention. Years ago, when it was just her, Axel, Olivia, and Reuben, the only attention they got was for derision and ridicule. After they became heroes, the taunting and bullying stopped. While a few people still remained who hated the remaining members of that small squad, Jesse had managed to escape it for the most part. Still, both she and Olivia were never full…

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  • OcelotSlayer
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  • Jessefan1

    I made 4,000 edits

    August 13, 2017 by Jessefan1

    Something happened after i edited my profile. I got 4,000 edits now. So i did some stuff like commenting and other stuff, but i did alot of work. I know this is short because i didn`t have alot of information for that to happen.

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  • The Lever

    MCSMWN - 1

    August 12, 2017 by The Lever

    Lever: Hello, and welcome to Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki News! Theme music!

    [insert news channel music]

    Lever: Hello wikia, and welcome to...wait, I'm repeating myself. Alright, it is time for the MC:SM Info review, where we attempt to detect new information released on Minecraft Story Mode! Let's overview on Jack  , not much there...more information on the episode 2 release here ...

    Oh, and of course - the trailer !

    Lever: And now for news on this wiki. Nothing remarkable, really. However, I predict that wiki activity will explode upon the release of episode 2. That's it, I guess. Sorry for the short blog post - there isn't too much new info, and-

    Parrot Alarm: BARK! Lever to the Llama Pen! Lever to the Llama Pen!

    Lever: By the sound of…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Jill thought for a while, then she came to the conclusion, they had to leave right away.

    "Sorry Order, but we should leave now, my mother wouldn't send me a note if it was something minor." Jill explained.

    "Oh, I understand, I was just worried about... Spiders..." Order said.

    "Sorry Order, I'll make sure they don't get to you." Jill said to her.

    "Okay, so when do we leave? I know we're leaving now, as in at night, but should we get some supplies first?" Lnerd asked.

    "That's a good idea! Especially since some of our weapons are... Wearing down." The Lever replied.

    The Mayor overheard them.

    "I'll go get you guys some stuff for your trip! Be back in a few minutes!" He said, he then ran off into a shack.

    "Are you guys sure we should do this? The outsi…

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  • Domitron3

    Hi, guys.

    Something I thought Jack fans and MCSM fans would like that was posted a few days ago: (Link) It's mostly a run-down on Jack, that stuff.

    Domitron3 Local Moderator 19:08, August 12, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Jesse The Pig Master

    MCSM Glitches

    August 11, 2017 by Jesse The Pig Master

    I played through some of Ep1 one today, and got a weird Nether Portal glitch. 

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  • The Lever

    Episode 2 Trailer!

    August 11, 2017 by The Lever

    We have a trailer people! ( All aboard the hype train!

    So, let's analyze this.

    Looks like the Admin has a magic clock thing. Cool. Oh, what's this? What is Stella doing there?

    Now, we have a snow golem minus the pumpkin, and Jesse faceplants the ground with Jack doing a spectacular landing.

    It seems like the Admin tosses Stella into "The Arena" too. Maybe they compete against each other? It seems like it's got ice spiders. Cool.

    This has been an overly undetailed analyzation. Now go watch the trailer for yourself.

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  • SamuelTheHedgehogYD

    Okay here is the second part

    I killed a ghast with a bow

    i gave calvin the amulet

    i didnt launch reuben in the Cow-a-Pult

    I steal disco mickey redstone repeater

    I didnt free the bats in ellie machine

    i helped ellie with the command block

    i leaved the temple at night

    i didnt use a bow and arrow to attack zombies

    i fell to the endermen pit

    i told petra to not let ivor go

    If i was in boomtown these would be the choices

    I haved to follow TNT dustin insead of Nohr

    I will gave Axel the amulet

    I have to choose the destroyer as the name becuase its so cool

    share your choices!! :)

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  • SomeoneOnTheInternet


    If there wasn't a caps rule, this whole post would be in caps becuase I'm just too hyped to breathe right now.


    The Trailer of Season 2 Episode 2 came out! AAH!

    This is the link:

    I'm so freakin hyped for this and I can't breathe right now. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

    (How hyped are you guys? What do you think about the trailer? I think it's awesome and I'm way too hyped to be alive. That doens't make sense and I know it but I don't really care XD)

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  • Jagapup

    Hey guys, I found a new trailer for season 2 episode 2: Giant Consequences on YouTube. Here is the link. That is all. :-)

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  • SomeoneOnTheInternet

    I heard many theories about Cassie - most of them say she's an Old Builder. Somehow, most of the times it still feels like there's something missing and it really annoyed me. Instead of searching for other theories, I thought of one myself. I tried to put as many pieces together as possible.

    So, the old builders knew Cassie. Most people think it's because of her being an Old Builder. I think it's because she participated in the Games. She came from a farming world, where they grew White Pumpkins. Cassie was captured by Hadrian or Mevia, along with Winslow. She lost, and had to go to the mines. In her free times, she grew White Pumpkins - her only thing left from home, besides Winslow. But she got another shot at the Games, and she won. Hadr…

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  • OcelotSlayer

    Wheatato Fanfiction

    August 10, 2017 by OcelotSlayer

    I mean why not- (also I'm gonna give them human traits and characteristics)

    Wheat sat in their item frame, next to Apple, Carrot, and Bread. Wheat was the most interesting food there. They always had different stories to tell. "So, anyway, I was just laying in my item frame, right? Trying to go to sleep. And I hear Slayer come inside the house. She's wearing her armor and closes the door as fast as possible. Then I see there's a zombie outside! Slayer's terrified, and what does she do? She takes a potion of healing, and slashes that zombie straight through the head!" Wheat finished their story and all the other foods gasped. "Wow!" Apple exclaimed. "That's awesome!" Carrot said. 

    Slayer walked inside the house and the other foods watched as …

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  • Galaxycore

    my computer had a hard drive problem meaning that everything had to be erased

    but i recollected everything that my computer had and i was finally able to make a video.

    here's the link:

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  • Jetrashipper

    Shipper: How's it hangin folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and we are comin in strong with Ask or Dare with Episode 38! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick! And my Wiki co-host, OOTCB!

    OOTCB, Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooooooooo Wikia!

    Shipper: Summer is here and gone! Where did time go? But WOW, do I have news for you!

    Jesse: Is it good news, or bad news?

    Shipper: Maybe neither. Maybe both.

    Jesse: Yeah, that doesn't really help--

    Shipper: IT AIN'T SUPPOSED TO! Now, PAMA, our dares, pls?


    Petra: Again? Does this girl EVER leave us alone?

    Nick: Hey, dares like hers and a few others are what's keeping this show alive! We're fading here, people!

    Shipper: The shrimp's right, redhead! That's why, at the end of this episode, evasive action will b…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    (I promise this will be the only part with non Minecraft animals, the reason I added them was because the marine life in MC isn't that diverse... Like at all.)

    "I've got Becky! You go get Ender!" Jill said to Order.

    Order nodded and took out her iron sword, she ran towards Ender and Paul, who were now overwhelmed by Guardians.

    "HEEEEEEELP!" Becky yelled, the Guardians now directly in front of her.

    "Don't worry Becky I've got you!" Jill said to her, she then jumped onto the second Guardian, and slashed the other two, killing them, then sliced the one she was standing on and landed in the water in front of Becky, Becky was now safe.

    "Thanks Jill!" Becky thanked, she then hugged Jill.

    "No problem Becky, here I'll cut you loose." Jill told her, she …

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  • Jagapup

    ( Hey guys, before we start the episode I just want to announce the people who are going to be in my group for the New Order of the Wiki.

    1. Order

    2. Domitron

    3. Poli

    4. Charles

    5. Rygor

    6. Jake

    7. Betty

    8. Peaceful Kingdom

    9. Jessefan

    10. ???

    11. ???


    You guys already know who the last three members are.

    13. Gabriel

    14. Soren

    15. Cassie Rose

    However the group name is still being determined, so you guys can still make suggestions 4 the group name if u wish. And don't worry if I didn't pick u to be part of the group. We'll be bumping into each other every once in a while in the series. Hope u enjoy today's episode! :-)

    One month later after the wiki was crowned

    Now that Jagapup and the rest of the Wiki where the new Order of the wiki, they had built a …

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    The title says it all guys, today is officially my birthday :P

    (Sorry this is so short I had no idea what to put in this!)

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  • Jessefan1

    I want to notice to thank everyone in this Wikia for the gifts on my birthday. So thank you everyone! If some of you guys didn`t see on my birthday coming up yesterday, just give me a late birthday if you really have time.

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  • Wolfboy231

    If you saw on Discord, I made a Jesse in Ender Defender. If you want a skin, I can make it! (I can mostly make Story Mode skins, but if you want your own in like, Ender Defender, thats ok).

    So if you want a skin, just ask me :)

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  • Freddie the hero

    well even tho iv'e caused some trouble are you guys still my friends :(

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  • Jessefan1

    My birthday today

    August 6, 2017 by Jessefan1

    It`s my birthday today, but i will let you guys know before i go to sleep, because i have to have a birthday and i also know that i`m supposed be 15 at 7:30 AM, the same thing when i was still 13 years old and i had to wait until 7:30 AM before i was 14.

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  • Jessefan1

    I am excited tomorrow because my birthday is coming up, so i`m really ready for this even for my friends as well. I`m really excited for my birthday tomorrow. This might be an excited day for me tomorrow.

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  • Freddie the hero

    Wikians:Part 5

    August 4, 2017 by Freddie the hero

    Steve stared at his friends inventory as it floated around.

    Kirby: He had some good stuff i must admit.

    Steve: wait look at that. *he points at a hole in the wall*

    Order: We sholud not go in there

    Jessiefan:Im going in 

    Narrioator:As they walked through the cave they fought monsters while steve fought with skill and kirby ran around screaming like a little girl

    Kirby: Narriator shhh

    A zombie grabbed steve by the ankles but then

    Voice:Pk fire!

    Lnerd:oh great

    Ness:Now say it

    Lnerd:thank you

    Ness: great *hits zombie with bat* come on

    Narriator: as they journey for the chaos emerald- i mean for the redstone heart they saw giant rocks,random guys, and a coin

    Order broke her ankle and steve got hit by a minecart and kirby got an apple

    Steve:there the redstone …

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  • Freddie the hero

    Wikians part 4

    August 3, 2017 by Freddie the hero

    sprry if this is short make sure you read part 1,2,and 3 i was in a little rush sorry Steve:And thats it

    Freddie:you will become one of us.


    "From behind freddie a curtin drops,revealing almost everyone steve knew had been chiped. like Alex, some random guy, and luigi"

    Jessiefan: we are going to die

    Steve:unless we just punch that guy.

    Admin: Well,well,well if it isn't steve the baby

    Steve: *pulls out sword*

    Admin:nope *hits steve down*

    All steve saw was a foot but then freddie pushed him out of the way

    all that was left was his inventory

    Admin:and now i will tell you who i am

    well that was it now ill let you guys choose the villain thx for reading

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  • Jessefan1










    Jessefan1: Order?

    Order: Yes?

    Jessefan1: Watch out!

    Order: You missed Facemeat!

    Facemeat: I`m bad at this fighting thing!

    Jessefan1: What? It feels like your deflecting the issue!

    Facemeat: Uh, Me?

    Jessefan1: Yeah, you are deflecting the issue.

    Facemeat: That`s ENOUGH! Time for fighting again!

    Jessefan1: Are you serious?

    Facemeat: Enough with the questions!

    Jessefan1: Fine.

    Alex: What`s going on?

    Jessefan1: Facemeat`s ready to fight. You got weapons?

    Alex: Yes, I got my enchanted diamond sword.

    Domitron: I have a iron sword only.

    Steve: I have only a iron sword too.

    Jessefan1: Well, i have a enchanted diamond sword too, that has enchantments in it.

    Order: I got a diamond sword.

    Jessefan1: Cool

    Facemeat: I…

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  • Jessefan1

    My Journal Number one

    August 3, 2017 by Jessefan1

    I been doing alot of the stuff since i started Wikia, i started making more friends, and more good things and other stuff, so i did alot i could so i would be able to write a journal. I started from since late September 2016, and i don`t know when to end really. But i had about between 3,500-4,000 edits on Wikia since i helped some people and had mistakes in the past. I did so much work over the summer until i had school and other stuff to do. I started talking to Steve since Fall 2016 or Winter 2016-2017. And he talks to me alot than everyone else on Wikia. I been on Wikia since a couple of days from Fall 2016. I have alot of work and stuff to do. I might write more stuff on my journal later. But i don`t always have to write stuff unless …

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