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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.


Blaze (Icon)-1-
A Blaze in Minecraft
Name Blaze
Hostile? Yes
Drops Blaze Rods
Appearances "Order Up!"

​Were you looking for the group, The Blaze Rods?

Blazes are hostile mobs that appear in Minecraft: Story Mode. They shoot fireballs to attack.



  • In Minecraft, Blazes are weak against water. Once they get out in the open at the Overworld, they will take damage from water or rain. This is the same case in Minecraft: Story Mode​, where the second blaze in "Order Up!"​ dies from the rain.
  • Unlike a Ghast, a blaze's projectiles can't be deflected.
    • This is probably because they are smaller and are being thrown faster.
  • Strangely, Blazes do not appear at any Nether scene in the game.
    • This is likely because Jesse's Gang never visited an unexplored Nether Fortress, where blazes could potentially spawn.


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