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An Apple is a food item found in Minecraft: Story Mode.


  • In "The Order of the Stone", if Jesse lets Lukas leave the shelter, Lukas sleeps outside in the rain. During the night, he spends time collecting apples for everybody. When Jesse's gang wakes up and discover Lukas didn't truly leave, they accept the apples. Jesse has the option to take the apple or to not take it.


  • If you don't make a decision about whether to take the apple or not, Lukas appears to be saddened that you didn't take it.
  • Apples will make a crunching sound while eaten, rather than the classic munching sound in Minecraft.
  • In Minecraft, the chances of getting an apple from a leaf block is 0.5% (1⁄200).
  • In Episode 3, a Painting depicting a Golden Apple can be seen inside Soren's Laboratory.
  • In Episode 5, a Golden Apple can be seen on display inside the Order Hall.

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