"Take this amulet, and guard it with your life!"
—Gabriel when giving Jesse the amulet. src

The Amulet of The Order of the Stone is a device used to track the members of The Old Order of the Stone and the New Order. The item is exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.



The Amulet is designed so that when a member of the Order of the Stone is nearby, his/her respective color on the Amulet glows.

The Amulet can be placed inside a Tracking Device in The Order's Temple to create colored beams that shine onto a map. These beams show the exact locations of The Order members in The Overworld

The Amulet cannot work in other dimensions such as The Nether or The End. It is unknown whether or not it functions in other worlds, such as The Mansion world.


Each color present on the Amulet represents a different member of The Order of The Stone:


  • In the opening cut-scene of Episode 1, Soren can be seen with the Amulet. It can be assumed that he had just crafted it, because he was seen with it in front of a Crafting Table.
  • In Episode 2, if Jesse visits Boom Town, several Griefers will attempt to steal the Amulet so that they can locate Magnus.
  • In Episode 4, Ivor explains that he designed The Wither Storm to follow the Amulet. This explains why The Wither Storm appears to follow the person with the Amulet (first Gabriel, then Jesse) throughout Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • In Episodes 5 and 8, the Amulet can be seen on display inside the Order Hall.
  • Ellegaard's and Magnus's colors (red and green, respectively) are on opposite sides of each other. Coincidentally, red and green are on the opposite sides of each other on the RYB color wheel. This could be a reference to their opposite personalities.
  • It was confirmed by Eric Stirpe, that the Amulet was reprogrammed and now, it tracks down The New Order of the Stone.[1] However, this has been falsified in Below the Bedrock.
    • The cyan light of amulet glowed when Ivor revealed himself in Below the Bedrock, but it did not seem to glow when he was gone even though Jesse was nearby, which may hint that the amulet was reprogrammed back to it was before.