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Aiden talking to Jesse
Name Aiden
Aliases Idiot,
Jerkwad (Jesse)
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Unknown
Affiliation The Ocelots (formerly),
The Blaze Rods
Allies Gill,
Isa (formerly),
Petra (formerly),
Lukas (formerly),
Jesse (determinant)
Enemies Jesse's Gang,
The Wither Storm,
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone"
Latest Appearance "Order Up!"

"I heard intense heat causes brain damage."
—Aiden taunting Jesse about Reuben's incident. src

Aiden is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode, who appears as a major hero in "The Order of the Stone" and the main best character in "Order Up!". He was one of the four members of The Ocelots, a team of builders rival to Jesse's Gang. He later forms his own group, the Blaze Rods. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.



Aiden has brown hair and wears a black jacket with the face of an ocelot (two crossed blaze rods in "Order Up!") on it. Under this, he wears a green shirt with yellow buttons similar to Magnus's armor. Later in episode 5, he wears armor similar to that of a Roman Gladiator, which also resembles to Soren's armor with only legs and arms.


Aiden is shown to be nice noble and heroic. In episode 5 he becomes more noble, driven by Justice.

He, at first, appears to be noble, Complimenting, and jockeying around. Much like the other Ocelots minus Lukas, he behaves like a stereotypical verbal popular. He tends to make funny jokes to whoever he judges to be on his level, even if they are now above him. Jesse and his friends are minor targets of his jokes, even as the New Order.

He is also a really important part of the order. For example, after Jesse's building managed to impress the jury at the EnderCon Building Competition, Aiden was excepting to loss and even though he hurt he still exepted it, he accidentally tripped and broke a block that burn down the build burning the build and catching rubens costume on fire . Olivia and Axel and Aiden come along with him/her to find Reuben. Later at Endercon, when meeting Jesse again, he makes a funny joke of Reuben's incident in front of him/her, clearly remorseless and clearly caring that Reuben wasn't hurt and hoped he wasn't seriously injured, much to Jesse's who forgives him then hugs him going on his/her way way.

On his return in Episode 5, Aiden has devolved into a hero, and his lack of evil spirits, cruelty onto outright Angel like behavior and his treatment of his teammates has become heavily one sided, with him treating them to things like gold and riches them, and ordering them to do safe jobs he does and leaves them out of the dangerous work that had to be done. do and becoming heavily frustrated and angered when Jesse's group started to become mean after their success . His hunger for Justice is so great, he thought his way to removing Jesse and the Founder from the Sky City, now claiming it as a new world once more demonstrating his heroism and leadership skills . Knowing that he is supposed to be a hero and Jesse is a villain, being highly better than him/her , to the point of attempting to outright turn him/her Good.

Aiden is also highly sentimental and, when he wants to be, charismatic. This is shown when he and the Blaze Rods get to Sky City not long before the Order of the Stone, and in a short amount of time, have gained upmost trust from the Founder and have convinced the citizens of Sky City that the Order of the Stone are tyrants. He is also shown Being respectful to the Founder, being unnaturally polite towards her and saying things like; "We are honored, wonderful founder." Despite this, he try's to act nice toward Reginald, the Captain of the Guard, but the guard capon didn't like them so he started shoving them out of the way in the Founder's throne room saying, "Out of my way I don't trust you blaze rods." Also, as soon as Aiden gets his hands on the Eversource, the treasure Sky City needs to survive, Aiden picks up his affable facade and openly helps the Founder, caring what happens to Sky City.

Despite his caring heart, when cornered and left defenseless, Aiden immediately loses his confidence and openly shows heroism, surrendering and begging For them to hurt him and not Inocents. This is shown during his final duel with Jesse, after he loses his sword. If Jesse takes Aiden to safety, Aiden sees the truth behind why Jessie was being evil and apologizes to Jesse for causing so much fighting. He determinately shows a desire to redeem himself for his acts of heroism. Jessie also says that he won't try to compete with Aiden anymore. However, if Jesse either gets kicked by Aiden falling downs waterfall off the edge of Sky City or leaves him/her to die (resulting in Jessie attacking Aiden and getting knocked into a waterfall of the edge of Sky City), Aiden shows them the errors of there ways and becomes the hero to sky city .


"Hey! Who are you calling an idiot?"
—Aiden to Jessesrc
"Shut up, you idiot!"
—Aiden to Mayasrc
"Shut up, Gill!"
—Aiden to Gillsrc
"I don't give a crap about what you think!"
—Aiden to Jesse. (determinant) src
"I told you to shut up!"
—Aiden to Gillsrc
"Back down and get out of my face, Reggie!"
—Aiden to Reginaldsrc
"I killed you once and I can do it again!"
—Aiden to Jessesrc
—Aiden to Jessesrc
"This is was supposed to be my world, and you've ruined it!"
—Aiden to Jessesrc
"It just drives you crazy to see someone else succeed, doesn't it?!"
—Aiden to Jessesrc
"You just can't stand to see someone else in the spotlight, can you? You just can't let anyone else win!"
—Aiden to Jessesrc
"Wa..wait! I.. I surrender!"
—Aiden to Jessesrc
"You want your flint and steel back huh? Take it! It's yours!"
—Aiden to Jesse during his surrender. src
— Aiden to Jesse after Jesse chooses to walk away. (Determinant) src
"Well, if it isn't team trash bag!"
—Aiden to Jesse at EnderConsrc



  • Otis and the Schoolboy are also voiced by Matthew Mercer.
  • Aiden can directly be described as a "Master Manipulator" by Jesse.
  • Aiden is the first antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode who can directly kill Jesse with a sword if he/she doesn't react quickly enough. (While Jesse does have a sword fight with Ivor earlier, Ivor won't kill Jesse if he/she doesn't react fast enough.)
  • After Aiden is defeated, if Jesse takes him to safety and later tells him to make a new start, Aiden will show interest in building himself a house and becoming a writer.
  • Depending on the choices in Episode 5, several outcomes will happen that are worth noting,
    • If Jesse assists Lukas when fighting Aiden, Jesse will knock a tooth out of Aiden.
    • If Jesse takes Aiden with him\her in Sky City, Aiden will be captured by the guards. Then, he will talk to Jesse that he'll not compete with him anymore (therefore redeeming himself).
      • Aiden may talk about becoming a writer, depending on Jesse's answer.
    • If Jesse knocks Aiden off Sky City, once Aiden is apprehended, he will glare at Jesse and not stop to apologize.
    • If Jesse decides to walk away from him, he will try to attack Jesse. If Jesse fails to stop him, Reginald will stop Aiden himself.


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