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Adventure Pass

Minecraft storymode adventure pass
The Adventure Pass Thumbnail
Name Adventure Pass
Season 1
Number: Episodes 6-8
Writer Telltale Games
Director Telltale Games
Previous Season Pass
Next N/A

The Adventure Pass is a episode-pack that contains the second part of the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode.

It consists of three episodes that were released throughout 2016, with the first episode releasing on the 7th of June.





Other Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The Adventure Pass was announced on March 22nd, 2016 alongside the release of Episode 5.
  • Axel and Olivia are mentioned several times, but never actually appear until "A Journey's End?".
  • In the official thumbnail, Jesse wears an armor that Magnus wore, and had his diamond sword with the Command Block's enchantment on it. Ivor had his armor from the Episode 1 flashback, except with no helmet.
    • However, Jesse never had his/her command block Sword during the episodes, and Ivor had his regular clothes.
  • It is unknown if Episode 8 will really be the end of Minecraft: Story Mode because there's a question mark in "A Journey's End?".
    • It is possible that it is not the end because most games by Telltale often have multiple seasons, and as this is just season 1.
    • Also, if there is going to be a Season 2, it would take a year to make it.
  • At the end of "A Portal to Mystery", CaptainSparklez is in The Portal Network, but it's just a cameo, and he acknowledges that he died.
  • On episode 8's title card, the Sea Lantern Portal is shown, but they never go through it.
    • Instead, the portal is taken down revealing a passageway behind it.
  • Episodes 6-8 are not in the Season Pass, (Episodes 1-5). You have to get the Adventure Pass to get Episodes 6-8.
  • All of the titles of the episodes from the Adventure Pass begin with the letter "A," including the name of the DLC "Adventure Pass."


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