"A Portal to Mystery" is the sixth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode. It was released on June 7th, 2016.


For the plot, click here.

Continuing their journey through the portal hallway, Jesse and crew land themselves in another strange new world - one completely overrun by zombies. With a timely invitation to take refuge in a spooky mansion, they find themselves thrown into a thrilling mystery alongside famous members of the Minecraft community.



MC Exclamation

Spoiler Alert!

The following information may contain Spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

  • TorqueDawg
  • CaptainSparklez
  • TheDiamondMinecart (Determinant)
  • LDShadowLady (Determinant)
  • Hostile Mobs

In-Game Choices

Did you show the Flint & Steel to CaptainSparklez?

  • 71.4% showed the Flint & Steel.
  • 28.6% kept the Flint & Steel hidden.

Who did you accuse after dinner?

  • 52.9% refused to accuse anyone.
  • 29.4% accused Stampy Cat.
  • 5.9% accused DanTDM.
  • 11.8% accused LDShadowLady/Lizzie.

Did you lend a helping hand or go after The White Pumpkin?

  • 64.7% went after The White Pumpkin.
  • 35.3% helped your friends fight off the spiders.

Did you convince the others about Cassie Rose?

  • 64.7% convinced the others.
  • 35.3% did not give enough evidence to convince the others.

How did you leave Cassie Rose?

  • 52.9% left her with her cat, Winslow.
  • 47.1% left her all alone.


  • This episode was announced on March 22nd, 2016 alongside the "Order Up!" release date announcement.
  • Several special guest stars from the Minecraft community join the cast in this new episode, all playing characters from their own YouTube videos. Jesse interact with Joseph Garrett as Stampy Cat, Stacy Hinojosa as Stacy Plays, Dan Middleton as DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart), Lizzie as LDShadowLady, and Jordan Maron as CaptainSparklez.[1]


Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6- Launch Trailer01:32

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6- Launch Trailer

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6- Launch Trailer



Key Art

MCSM S1 Ep6 Key Art

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